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    My wife and I own a 2005 TJ Unlimited and a 2003 Xterra and wheel them both stock in the Mojave. We have armored up the Xterra a bit, but recently decided to build up the Unlimited as the long term trail rig.

    Am looking at moving to a 4" Full Traction lift with 33s. Looking at Shrockworks for sliders and bumpers. I plan on trolling the board extensively looking for "how-to" and any "quality control" comments on the different companies supporting the Jeep after market. Coming from the Xterra community, which is comparatively small, the choices available for the Jeep are a little overwhelming.

    Really like the board so far. Was looking for just this - an active Jeep community in Southern California. I love camping, hiking, and wheeling in the Mojave, Big Bear, and J Tree, and in the summer it really becomes important to go out with some folks - either that or you have to stay within one night's walk of help.

    I don't have a picture of the Jeep for you all, I'm not in the country at the moment and can't get to my photos. Should be back in January and when I start wrenching on the rig in the February timeframe I'll be sure to provide the obligatory "before" and "after" pics.

    I'll also include any "oh my God what now?" wife has already started a pool on how bad I'm going to screw up her Jeep. I told her she doesn't really have to worry until I get the cutting torch out and rent a 10k tram.

    Good to be here.


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    welcome....hurry up with
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      Might I suggest Rock-it man sliders. They're the best out... if I had the $$$ right now, I'd jump on 'em... here's a link to a "group buy":

      And welcome to the boards!
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        I fix things.


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          Outstanding!! Welcome to MJR!
          Good to have you aboard!!!

          Looking forward to the 'before and after' pics.
          "Desert Valdez" lives out your way.
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            This place rocks, hope you like it here
            I sure do!
            WTF Mate?

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              Welcome to the forums! Hope to wheel with you sometime.
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              !!! !!!


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                :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                  Thanks for the warm welcome...

                  I checked out the Rock-it Man sliders thread and you are right, they do offer wheel well to wheel well coverage which I have not seen elsewhere...

                  Of course, I could just get some "stick-on" rocker panels, look cool, and contact my insurance company in advance! :wink:

                  SJK SENDS


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                    Jeeps Rock & Quads Too!