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Merry Xj-mas...


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  • Merry Xj-mas...

    A few weeks ago tha' Mrs. mentioned that she liked the older XJ body style.

    "Would you like your own trail toy?" I asked, and by the time she finished the word "Yes" I was searching for a new toy!

    Since it won't be a DD, I opted to go the cheap route figuring if it's got good bones, I'll replace the rest as I go.

    So now she has her very own Jeep!

    It's an '88 4x4, 4.0L, Automatic we got for $500.

    It's got a few issues (which I'll be bringing up in the appropriate forums) but it goes and stops, it's all there and it's straight. Can you go wrong for $500? heh heh

    Well it's not "My" jeep and it's not "Rockin" just yet... But it is an early X-mas present for Tha' Mrs.


    ~CRASH!~ (HO HO HO)

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    sweet deal, xjs are fun, sent you pm////Kevin


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      Heck yeah man glad to see you pick theat up. Your gonna have to take that out next time we go on a run! Careful on NAXJA when you post make sure you search first or theyll flame you like no other... haha stick with us better
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      !!! !!!


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        Congrats to you and your wife on the XJ! If i turn my YJ into a Heavy Trail Rig, i'll probbaly get an XJ as a DD...just cause I'm jeep ho for like....the rest of my life?
        WTF Mate?

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          So no stickers on it yet, eh!? hehe
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: