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  • Yet another New Guy!!

    Hello all, I just found this site and it is great! I live down here in the Flatlands of Florida so there are not alot of ROCKS but we have plenty of gooey MUD to play in. I have an 87 YJ that I rescued from some snowbirds that use to tow it behind their motorhome. It was all stock when I got it but I am slowly transforming it into a daily driven trail rig.Being almost twenty years old needless to say there are alot of things that need to be upgraded or replaced. I have installed a 3.5 inch suspention lift and some 1 inch shackles to make room for some 33 inch Baja Claws. I have also installed a DUI distributor and a Motorcraft 2150 to help the poor old 4.2 out. I look forward to talking with everyone on here in the future.

    The day I brought her home!

    A clean Pic!
    New flares and hard top
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    Sweet Rig. Welcome to MJR!
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    !!! !!!


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      Welcome! This is a great place!
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        looks like you ave fun with that thing. Welcome.


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          Yo! Nice YJ!! I've got one myself...only I've got the Furious Fighting Squirrels instead of a 4.2. Mine is a 91...not quite as old as yours but a cousin ^.^
          WTF Mate?

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            Welcome! Cool pics, your jeep rocks!!
            :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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              welcome! Jeeps rule!
              Jeeps Rock & Quads Too!


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                Ain't it hard to believe the same jeep is under all that mud!!!!
                Nice clean pics. White.... I like white.

                Now lets go ride somewhere......

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                  Howdy! Nice looking Jeep and welcome to the board.

                  I fix things.