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Gotta Jeep,,Now what?


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  • Gotta Jeep,,Now what?

    I've wanted a Jeep for years, finally got one 2 months ago. A stock Rubicon. I want to get to know some experienced jeepers so I can figure out what mods I need and what is hype. I also need to find some places to go jeeping. I have rented a Jeep at Ouray, Co several times, and at Moab last Spring. I got hooked. Looking forward to doing some group runs, as I don't really know where to go, and I'm kinda nervous about going out alone.

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    Just keep an eye on the "Trail Runs" page and Dont be afraid to as ?'s.

    You can post a run and people will jump in. Out by you theres Last Chance Cyn north of Mojave and Rowher Flats by Santa Clarita.


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      Welcome to the board, and congrats on your new Jeep

      Dont go out alone, its a sure way to break, get really stuck or get hurt. Always wheel with a buddy. Im certain you wont have a reason to, theres nearly something going every weekend here, dont be afraid to jump in. Post in the thread on the run you want to go on, if its too difficult, the person who is putting the run together should be able to tell you.

      Enjoy your new obsession. Let the fun begin!

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        You have a rubicon, theres almost nothing thats impossible for you! haha But really its very cabable offroad in its stock form. Theres always trail runs here its one of the reasons i like this fourm. Hope to wheel with you soon!
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          There is a get together next weekend Oct 21-22, ocotillo/Anza-Borrego. I will try to get there and introduce myself. It looks good, if campsites are still available.


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            seriously, make it to Anza Borrego, you will meet a bunch of the offroad crowd
            oh hey welcome to the site
            this has to be the best Jeep site on the web
            sheesh, may even be the best offroad site
            and keep on Jeeping
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              Congrats on your new Jeep!! Last Chance Canyon, Calico (Odessa & Mule Canyons), Stoddard Wells, and Rattlesnake Canyon are all good starter trails for you. I did all of them without any problems when my Jeep was stock. There are lots of Jeep (off-road) clubs around to join. Victor Valley 4 Wheelers is in Victorville and we do lots of runs for all levels of drivers/vehicles.
              I second Jeepgal on never going out alone!!


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                welcome I would suggest that you get another job soon. Just Empty Every Pocket.


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                  welcome to mjr,
                  well you got the right jeep from the start, not much needed maybee a lift and some bigger tires.
                  oh ya congrats on opening your new savings acct. :2: cuase thats where all your extra time and money will end up!:thumbs_up
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                    Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new jeep!

                    I fix things.