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    My name is ben...i'm new to the jeep forum, as well as new to off roading. A couple of months ago i bought a 99 jeep wrangler sahara. A great jeep, in great condition. Any way i recently took it fishing to the nisqually river, well we didn't just fish...I wanted to see the boundaries of my jeep, i had already took it climbing up some steep hills. My buddy and i took it through the river drove up stream for 3 miles until we hit a deep spot...instantly my jeep shut off, hydrolocked my engine. I am in the military, which came in handy, one of the squad leaders is big in off roading and we took 2 humv's to rescue my jeep. I have pics, trying to resize them so that i can post them. I finaly have my jeep running strong again, all i had to do was replace the starter, sparkplugs, and fluids, gotta ouv the 4.0 v6. After i get back from our next tour i plan on getting a lift, and snorkle. If you have any input on what brand i should get of either, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to add 4-4 1/2 inches.


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    Welcome to MJR Ben!!
    Sounds like you already have the off road jeepn bug. The lift and snorkle combo will put that jeep just about anywhere you want to go.
    Have fun!! Pictures are cool to. Love to see your part of the country.

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      Welcome to MJR. That what we need. More square headlight folks.


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        Originally posted by Jason
        Welcome to MJR. That what we need. More square headlight folks.
        He said it's a 99 Wrangler...ROUND headlights!

        Welcome Ben!!
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          Originally posted by steelman
          He said it's a 99 Wrangler...ROUND headlights!
          Oh Crap. I just saw the Wrangler YJ in his profile. Oh heck. Welcome.


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            Welcome! As for a lift, i would go with Full Traction, Nth Degree, or Rubicon Express... The sizes are up to you... and for a snorkle id probably go with and ARB Safari Snorkle. Uses the Stock Box and its way easy to install... Hope you have fun, nice to see your jeep made it OK.
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              hey also new to all this kick azz jeep stuff bro!!! I found me some huge puddles last weekend while i was at my base in PA! I was only up to my fog lights though. What branch are you in and where r u stationed at?
              Just trying to get to Cali!


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                ^.^ Yay! me ^.^ Welcome.
                WTF Mate?

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                (HllllllllH) vroom VROOM


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                  right on YJ!!!
                  Just trying to get to Cali!


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                    sup bro, i am in the army, stationed at ft lewis washington, in tacoma, right outside of seattle. How bout you? Sounds like you had some fun in those puddles, keep it real


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                      ever get those pics resized?
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