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  • Minnesota connection...

    Just wanted to say hi and tell all you SoCal Jeepers I envy you the warmth. I'm always hoping to get to CA for some fourwheeling. My sister-in-law lives in Georgetown, CA so I've been to within mere miles of the Rubicon. (I was driving a rental Mitsubishi Montero...did drive it down to the Rubicon River on one trail) I'm in the process of making some changes. I told "a99J33p" I'd write to you and tell you about it. I own a 1990 YJ. I had given it a one inch body lift within four months of it's initial purchase, in November of 1999. It'll have 82 Wagoneer axles (Dana 44 front, AMC 20 Waggy axle rear). The drivetrain will be out of an 86 Ford F-150 pickup (302, D-6, NP-208) At the moment, it's sitting with the D-44 bolted in place and the AMC 20 will be in once I get the spring perches welded where I need them. Plus, it'll be converted to EFI.
    4.2 I-6(Autolite/Weber carb on owner built adapter, with owner built linkage, A/T, np231 t-case, Dana 30 front, Dana 35C rear w/Lockright locker, 31" Goodyear AT/S tires on Jeep wheels, Old Man Emu 3" lift kit, 1" owner built body lift, 1" t-case drop, 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix seats on Jeep tracks, Durabak coated interior panels and floor, Cobra CB, high lift jack on owner built rack on front bumper, owner built tube bumper on rear.
    COMING SOON: EFI Ford 5.0, C-6, NP-208 and 82 Jeep Wagoneer axles....
    hand me that hammer, I think I can make it fit....

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    hey dude! welcome aboard! (it's about tiiiiime)

    GEORGETOWN!?!?! ok, that's where we're "camping" next year for the rubicon run! oh yeah, you're invited!! link us to some pics of your jeep!

    we have a commerical out here on tv where these minnesota cows are all freezing their a55es off out there - and one of them decides to start the trek to cali where it's warm. they show the cow about 500 feet from its ranch, and the other cows said she left days ago - trekking thru all of that snow! hop in your jeep and join us for a run.
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      Hey Rick, Glad you found us! Welsome to MJR. Sounds like yo got one hell of a project on your hands, and FUN!! Keep us updated!
      Ya Savvy?

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