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    Hey guys & gals,

    Sorry I've been MJR abscent for awhile I've been busy racing motorcycles (and by racing I mean spending money on and CRASHing off of) I really should get into a hobby that involves alot of steel around me...

    Hello to all who remember me, and to the new members of MJR!

    So I've done some work to my Jeep.

    For starters I chopped the front windshield down a foot to give the Jeep that old school dune-buggy look. But the rollcage got in the way of the new top so i pulled it out. Who really needs a rollcage anyway...

    I lowered the overall ride 6 inches and installed hydralic airbags so now my Jeep ROCKS (Front, back and side to side)

    I also installed 22" Dayton gold spoked rims.

    I removed the back seat and built a custom box that houses 4 15" sub-woofers, 3 500 watt amps and 3 Optima batteries to power the system.

    Inside and out there are neon lights that light the interior and ground underneath.

    I don't really worry about breaking the neon tubes off-road, since with it's lowered stance it's really only good for well graded dirt roads.

    I then had the outside painted sky blue.

    Enough with all that, here's a pic.

    What'cha think?

    If you're still reading this (and haven't lost your lunch) consider this an April fools joke... Two months late!

    Sadly the Jeep is still mostly stock, but hopefully soon I can make it ROCK! (NO not like i described above! LOL)



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    That is a classic! You've set a standard that we should all strive for!
    '98 Black TJ [COLOR=Blue]Sport[/COLOR] 4.0L/Auto Trans

    My rig :


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      Dude, you need to get some rocker guards for that piece of work!
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Hahah nice... i know how you feel im in the stock class as well but not for long!
        |90 XJ|4.0|AX-15|NP231|RE H&T|TnT Y-Link|RE Coils|BOR Leaves|ACOS|D30/Aussie|8.8/ARB|35" Kevlar MTRs|Custom Exo,Sliders,Bumpers|

        !!! !!!


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          Originally posted by sarah
          Dude, you need to get some rocker guards for that piece of work!

          Yeah... but they'd drag the ground! LOL

          and tell yer pooch to stop stealin my Jeep and going for joy rides!


          ~CRASH!~ (Too Much Free Time)