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new guy here and heres my beast


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  • new guy here and heres my beast

    its a 1981 cj7 with 40'' tires a 350 small block and a one piece fiberglass front end it has a pair of glass packed mufflers so you will hear it a mile away lol.

    thats just to list a few things. everything done on it was done by me and my step dad for my senior project its still under construction but it will soon be done.

    items coming are a 6 point roll cage and racing seats along with a killer system

    the only thing is its PURPLE lol



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    welcome a board. sure is nice and purple. do the racing stickers on the back make you go faster ? j/k, well git r' donee


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      Barney will be so excited!

      Wlecome aboard! Nice rig!!
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        Welcome aboard! I fixed your image sizes for ya, purple rocks!
        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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          thanks lol idk y the stickers r there my step-dad put them there but there will be a bumper over them lol cant wait for it to be done you should of seen what we started with


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            Heck yeah! your rig looks sweet i personally like the color purple i think its way cool. welcome aboard.
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            !!! !!!


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              Barney would be proud! Nice lookin' rig. Now trailer her to Cali so we can all play with her...

              Damm perverts, not what I meant!
              "run forest, run!"


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                lol i wish it was done though pretty soon maybe by summer or the end of it cant wait were going to mass and doing mudd drags


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                  Welcome to MJR!!
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