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  • Hey everybody

    Hey,I am new to the board and decided to become a member of this great site.I am from thousand oaks,california.I have a 82 CJ7,with a highlift,2 inch lift and 31 inch mtr's.

    This is my first jeep,but I already know alot about jeeps in general.I am learning more and more every day.Thats why I join boards like this one.I hope to soak up tons of info and help out in what I know.

    Ok,so far I have been wheeling to miller jeep trail.(which I think is awsome!)It is an awsome trail,but some of you probly think it is an easy one.Since I bought my jeep.I took my dad wheeling and he is hooked!He bought a 99 TJ just last week.And we went wheeling just last weekend.Here is a link to another website I am a part of with the pictures from the trip.

    The white jeep is my dads.Mine is the brown one.

    Well,I hope to find some new trails to run.Hope fully some of you guys on this board are from around my area.Maybe we could wheel some time.


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    welcome to the board - your jeep rocks! i have an 86 cj-7, are you building yours up or are you happy with where it is?
    1986 CJ-7; 4.6L stroker, balanced & blueprinted; 5" lift, 35x1250 MTRs, Poison Spyder Full Width kit,
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      heya sully, welcome aboard! yeah, what are your plans for the cj? thanks for your compliments on the site, we appreciate it! actually, many of us are from socal, where the site has its roots. we're usually out at least 2-3 times a month, so i'm sure we'll meet you soon!

      i've got a 99 tj with 1"springs & 1"spacers and 31's, so we've got similar setups. she's been up miller several times, rowher, a little bit of big bear and mostly other random desert trails. other than that, we always take rick's big cj out

      depending on your driving skills, you can probably do alot more. i'm sure jeepgal or blktj will chime in with the trails they've done with 31's - jeepgal has even been down john bull (in big bear) on 31's!
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        Hey Sully! Welcome to MJR! Looks like you got some pretty rockin Jeeps there. Glad you found us. Let us know if you have any questions.
        Ya Savvy?

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          Well,I plan on locking the front diff real soon and a while down the road when I get the money I will lock the rear with a selectable locker.And before I get into some hard-core trails,I NEED my rockers.I really,really want a solid axle shaft for my rear amc20.(feels like I am going to brake something on the rocks)I dont think I will be going any bigger on this jeep.I think the lift and tires are the perfect size for this jeep.Oh,by the way,it's a 258 5spd.My dad and I want to run rowher some time soon.Probly next weekend we will head out there.And we WILL travel to go wheeling.ANd some day,we will go over the rubicon.(Just not today)hehe
          Hope to meet up with you guys soon.


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            TO Rocks

            Hi Sully,

            I too am new to this board and live in Thousand Oaks. I recently purchased a 2000TJ and just beginning to fix it up. This is our first jeep, lots to learn.

            Maybe we can meet at BJ's on TO BLVD?




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              In Camarillo. We have to hook up too.