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I Wanna A New Toy Ohoohoo, Nothing too demanding...


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  • I Wanna A New Toy Ohoohoo, Nothing too demanding...

    Ok ok ok, so their not Jeeps but they are off road vehicles. Looks like I'm gonna get wet.

    The Red ones mine.

    His & her's. Same boat different edition. 155 Hp, 1500cc 3 cyl. 4 stroke, closed loop cooling system, 10.6:1, manufactors top speed 55-60mph avg. conditions. HOLY SH!!!...!!!...FU...N..A!!!.... They have a superchagred version too. BUT I'M NOT SELLING MY JEEP!!! (j/k )
    Livin' large in toyland for the first time, (best make the best of it).

    B&T TJ

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    sweet!! best-friendy-friend! hehe congrats on the new toys! where ya gonna ride?
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      Those look fun Tom and they seem to be usuable completely stock

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        Do they make lift kits for those?
        :gun: My garage ain't cluttered, it's just cozy with crap.


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          those are going to be a lot of fun. congratulations!

          95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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            Thanks, (can't stop grinnin). We'll ride them all over, there's some local lakes and that large body of water is real close too. We have some trips planned for Havasu and Parker and Newport this summer. With the closed loop cooling you don't draw in water to cool the engine, just the exhaust and there a wash out for that so, big selling point for me. The hull plate is the radiator or heat exchanger they call it, ocean ready. We have two so friends are invited.

            Mods, no way. They should do the trick as is and I'm keeping w/my silly tradition (no rice here). No offence to anyone by all means, it just keeps working out that way, Made in Canada, engines Austria, go figure. The Jeep does get envolved, it gets to push them around to park em, thanks Dukes, the front reciever works great, just need one for the RV now.

            Best of all, the wife participates in this one, this was all her idea afterall (still can't stop grinnin . Cheers, B&T TJ