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    Whats up everybody, my name is Jake Divine, im 19 and live outside of Pendleton, OR. Jeeping is in my blood, my grandpa used to have a Willys in the old days and a couple years back he started it all again when he bought a 1991 YJ. About a year later, he knew how much i loved his and he ended up buying Jeep number two, a blue 1993 YJ, and turned the keys over to me, i couldn't be happier with it, aside from the occasional break down that puts a little hitch in my get-a-long but hey, I suppose thats to be expected with almost every used rig. My dad, in his younger years had owned 3 different CJ-5's and has just recently purchased a 1994 YJ. Now we all have our Jeeps and my grandpa takes us on some of the trails and roads around the Blue Mountains and the Elkhorn mountain range, along with some of our friends who also have jeeps. Its a great time and I thought this site would be a good way to find other people that love it as much as I do, and could possibly be more helpfull in answering questions I have than some of the boneheads they have hired to work in some of the auto parts stores around Pendleton.

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    Welcome aboard! That's a great story, and it looks like you've found a good place to hang out. - Sarah
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      Welcome jake!
      Im on Jeep #6 & our family has owned or used Jeeps since '42 in WWII

      Rick OllllllO
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      Rick W6RE


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        Welcome Jake. Sounds like a grandpa we all would like to have...

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          welcome aboard jake.

          95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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            Welcome aboard Jake...Great info here.