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sweet, sort of.


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  • sweet, sort of.

    Well the jeep runs. new guages and clutch and engine, its all painted and pretty looks wonderful, building a snorkel for it too. Now if it would just start when i wanted it to it would be that much better. The fuel injection system for some odd reason will not start by itself. IF i prime the engine by squirting carb cleaner down the throttle body the injectors will go ahead and pulse and start to run but without the prime from the carb cleaner the ecm will not pit up a tach signal or something and the injectors will not pulse on start up. This hurts my heart. I think i might have a bad ecm or a bad tach. As soon as it is finished i will get pic on the web, wish me luck.

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    Well Good Luck Is It The 258, That Thing Gave Me So Many Problems.