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    Hello all, i live in central fla, me and my dad are looking to buy a jeep, we want a wrangler type, we want 90 to whenever. One of my biggest questions is what kinda axles came in these things, ive heard the bad storys of the d35c axles being crap and i know that a lot of jeeps came with the d35s, so are the d35's a nice strong axle?. What size tires should we limit ourselves to with this axle? And lastly, what are some common problems that i should be looking for when i find a jeep and give it a look over bofore buying?

    hope that all makes sense, lol

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    The D35 is most definately *NOT* a nice strong axle; it's the most glaring "weakness" in Wranglers. Unfortunately, it's the STANDARD axle in all Jeep Wranglers (YJs and TJs) except for the newer Rubicon and Unlimited models.

    Thankfully, there is an OPTIONAL heavier-duty axle, the D44...but only on TJs (the 97+ models), and only on the 'Sport' and 'Sahara' packages, not on the 'SE' or 'X' packages. But you'll have to learn how to identify them by shape to know which is which. Oh and don't bother asking the seller; no one EVER knows what's back there, not even dealers.

    If I were going to recommend a used Jeep, I'd say go for a 1998+ "Sport" or "Saraha" with the D44 option. That's the a good starting point.

    If you do purchase one with a D35, you should be safe with 31" tires; some people have success with up to 33" tires, although I personally wouldn't recommend tires of that size on that axle; I've just seen too many break.

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      For YJs get a 91 or later you get fuel injection, AX-15 and NP-231.

      This makes a great platform for a trail Jeep for not too much moolah.

      I agree on the D35 comments: they suck!
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        cool, thanks guys, i may not even go with a jeep right now, me and my dad are thinking about SAS'ing my pathfinder, the rear axle in it is equal to a d60 and its 5 linked already, i think ppl would be very surprised about older pathfinders, i very much am


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          Ya Know Im One Of The Succes Stores With Running 33s On Stock Axles. I Have Been For About 20 Thousand Miles But I Wouldnt Recomend It. Im Just Waiting For Them To Break. But I Agree Go With A Tj Sport In It Has Th D44 Option It Also Has 3.73s And Maybee Even A Track Lock