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94 YJ to 97 TJ AX5?


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  • 94 YJ to 97 TJ AX5?

    Hi everyone, my first time on your site so bear with me. I am still trying to figure it all out! I have some great PICs of mudin in the Sun here in Hawaii I will post when I finally do! I hope someone can answere this for me. I messed up my AX5 tranny on my 97 TJ. It is very costly here in Hawaii for rebuild,$2300. I took it apart myself and found many more issues than a bearing syncro kit could handle. Parts alone, ordering seperate will be over $500. A rebuilt shipped to Hawaii will be about $1400 as shiping is so costly. I found a used AX5 in a local Salvage yard in what appears to be a good shape 94 YJ I can get for $300 and a 30 day guarentee!! If any issues he said he would fully refund the $300. I am 98% sure I can use this but that 2% wants me to save the $300, Can anybody tell me if I can use this for sure? Thanks.