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Thanksgiving Sand Dunes


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  • Thanksgiving Sand Dunes

    Hello from Sunny Southern California. Is anyone going out to Glamis or Imperial (Buttercup) Sand Dunes for Thanksgiving weekend ?


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    I went to glamis last weekend for the day to meet with some friends that have sandrails and quads. Went to Olds, it wasn't too crowded, and then to the sand drags. Thats always fun to watch. If nobodys been out there for a while, like me, the fees went up. Last time I paid $30 for a season pass. This year it's $90 for season or $30 for a weekend pass. I got the season pass this year because I will undoubtedly go a few more times. Thanksgiving is the biggest day at Glamis. Very crowded. Competition Hill is still closed at night, due to all the problems there in the past. I'm told everyone goes to Olds at night now and it's not as wild or out of hand like Competition Hill was.

    I'm planning to go to Cleghorn on the 26th (Saturday) and meet up with some of the MJR folks. Check out he started out on the 19th but was changed to the 26th. Look under trail rides.
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