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  • Allo!

    Allo everyone!
    Saluations from the Great White North!
    I am new to this forum and actually had a question I was hoping that someone could help me with.

    I have a Jeep Cherokee (1987) Laredo. Its a great truck, especially in the snow! (Lord knows we get enough of that stuff here!). 4.0L 4x4.

    Although I have had zero problems since getting the truck 4 years ago (*knock on wood*), I have finally hit one!

    My battery gauge starts off very low, around 9, then will jump up to 17, slides back down to 9, then rests easy at 13. The problem usually starts when I start the car, and adjusts as I drive. But lately, it has been sticking around 9 while I drive. Funny thing is when I turn on an accessory, it either jumps up to 17 again or will threaten to go lower than 9. I am stumped cuz, there is a new alternator in it, all cables are intact and securely fastened. Does this sound like I need a new battery, even though the car does start?

    I would appreciate any answers to my little dilema. I would hate to go buy a new battery if I really did not need it.

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    Welcome to MJR.

    Sounds like a bad voltage regulator or just a bad gauge. Put an aftermarket gauge on there and see what it does.

    PS. you might want to post this in the tech sections below. It might get a better response.
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