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HOWZER GOIN fellow JeepBoggers!


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  • HOWZER GOIN fellow JeepBoggers!

    Just wanted to say howdy to all the other Jeep Boggers! I just found this website today. One of the best Jeep websites I have seen! I bought my first Jeep three years ago and I've put the 30x9.5 BF Goodrich All-Terrains on it! Gotta love that.

    Anyways, Just wanted to introduce myself. And, in terms of what's on my mind tonight......everyone knows Jeep engine's last forever, any idea what the max number of miles a Jeep Cherokee has lasted if it was well-maintained?

    "Muddin when I have the time!"

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    Hey Muddy! Welcome aboard from a fellow Hoosier! Your Jeep rocks - I bet you'd like this tee, hehe. I thought of it when I read your post. Can't say we have much mud out here, but definitely lots of rocks (I have the rock one)

    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      Hey, welcome to the site. We'll have to hook up sometime and hit the badlands or soon as I figure out whats up with my front end lol.
      04 Rubicon
      4.5" RE Super Flex
      1" BL
      CV Yoke w/ Driveshaft
      Currie Anti-rock swaybar
      35" el cheapos
      Front Bumper & Rockers


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        Hey thanks for the "welcome"! Yep, Hoosierland at the moment. I used to live in Arizona back in the day though. Yep, I sure do miss the rocks! But, for now, Mud BOGGIN will have to do! Sarah, I saw your picks out at the Sonoran area! Sa'weetness! Tucson, AZ is my hometown. As for the Tipton dude, I'm sure you're "TIPPIN the Jeepster over in TIPTON!".

        Thanks again for the welcome. This site is awesome to say the least. Nice to interact with other jeep lovers. What can I say, it certainly is a JEEP THING!



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          Thanks for all of your compliments, and yes, we enjoyed the Sonoran trip very much! The trails were easy, but we of course had great scenery. It was my first time seeing the famous saguaro! I also made it to the Saguaro National Forest while we were down there. Keep rockin' ... errr muddin'
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: