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  • hi everyone

    Hi everyone. As you can tell I am new. Well, last weekend I visited my grandparents and found out my grandpa had a 1988 wrangler in his barn. It's got 89k miles on it and still runs great. I took it for a spin around the farm and fell in love. The best part is that my grandpa said that if I love it that much, I should just keep it. You gotta love grandparents!!! Now I can't get enough of it, the only major problem is that it has ALOT!!! of rust on it. Can any one suggest ways to go about fixing this. A friend of mine told me that you could get fiberglass panels and what not and replace the body. I hope you folks can give me some advice. Thanks


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    Go to, they have just about every part that you will ever need to build a Jeep from scratch including fiberglass body parts, of course, listen to the other peoples advice from this forum. We are here to help.

    BTW, way to go with the Free Jeep and welcome to MJR!!
    1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
    Glad to be back in California!


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      Welcome aboard Cindy – and welcome to the world of Jeeps!
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Thanks everyone for your help. Keep them coming.


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          welcome cindy.
          you will often see whole yj tubs going for cheap. you can use the pieces you want and recycle the rest

          95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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            I know that JCwhitney has replacement body parts in both metal and fiberglass. How bad is the rust? Post some pics. I was given an 89 wrangler that had sat outside for at least 5 years, it rusted, sank into the wet ground, had grass and weeds growing all the way from the ground up through the frame and body, and had grown a mossy green moldy stuff all over one side. Anyway, most of the rust can be fixed without replacing the entire body panels.
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