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  • Look before you...

    There isn't really a "I F'd up forum" so I guess I'll post my little story here.

    Yesterday I was exploring an area out Highway 395, several miles North or Kramer Junction. I over shot the dirt road I was looking for, but GPS showed a second road that looped back to the one I wanted so I took it. Well that road kind'a peter'd out. "Is this a road? a sand wash?!?" Well GPS showed me only a few yards from the road I had wanted so I carried on slowly, slaloming around bushes, checking the GPS.

    Fortunately I looked up from the GPS to see a somewhat deep ravine ahead so I stopped. Better not risk it, but it looks much shallower to my right. So I chose that path. What I hadn't noticed was the wash to the right was actually TWO in a "Y" shape. I eased out of the first wash expecting to be back on high ground only to have the front wheels dip into the second wash. Rear wheels are still in the first wash... And the Jeep is now high centered on the island in the middle... SONOFA!!!

    The second I dropped in all 4 wheels began to spin. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! (Ok that's not what I really said, but I'll keep this thread PG rated LOL)

    I got out to have a look... Yup done stuck myself good. May as well grab the camera so all the MJR'ers will get a laugh at my expense.

    High lift jack... Don't leave home without it. Unfortuantely I did.

    I pulled out the stock jack but the ground was so soft it would just dig in. I tried using a tri-fold shovel as a base, but as I started to jack, that sank too. So I ended up having to collect dead branches, form them in a cross-hatch pattern, then put the shovel on top of that, THEN the jack and I was finally able to get the Jeep up just enough to dig a bit.

    There were no rocks around what-so-ever and tree branches weren't doing anything for traction. Eventually I got it up high enough, and dug out deep enough to get my spare tire under the rear wheel.

    I then spent several hours, belly down in the mud digging out underneath the entire Jeep, front to back, rocker to rocker until I could see daylight.

    With a final "please work please work please work" I started to ease 'er out of the pit and onto high ground.

    Four hours later:

    So always look before leaping into sand washes! LOL and stay out of washes after several days of rain...don't forget the high lift, and I really need a suspension lift.


    ~CRASH!~ (Never does things the easy way)

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    did yourself pretty good. time to get some lockers and a lift you gps freak!
    1st batch TJ bought August of 96. Locked and Loaded!


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      Dont wheel ALONE!

      Glad you got out okay

      2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
      Rock-ItMan all the way around


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        looks like you now qualify for the " but honestly it looked doable" award
        should post a pick of the after sceene in the opps section
        censored for having an opinion