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    Greetings everyone,
    I have been a YJ owner for over 2 years now... I love it and couldn't have been more satisfied. The problem is I have bought a house and am getting married in a week and a half. I have 2 other cars and need to cut expenses now... Can anyone gie me advice on selling my YJ. She's a great Jeep that is not worthy of the junk yard or Carmax for that matter

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    Start by running the specifics at a site like, to get a realistic suggestion as to what it is worth. Next, call up autotrader or similar publications, and place a advertizement. You may also try E-bay, but be prepared to deal with a long distance sale, which could be a PIA.

    Advertizing on sites like this, in the appropriate "for sale section", often times require you to be a member of that site for a certain time period, which helps keep websites from becoming a classified site. This site requires you to have 5 quality posts prior to listing a vehicle or parts for sale. But, the problem with selling a jeep on a jeep site, is that 99.9% of us already have jeeps, that is why we are here. You would probably sell it faster by going the autotrader route.
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