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  • yet another noob!

    hey there all. I'm Dan and i'm going to be getting my first jeep very shortly. I'm not all that new with the off roading and wheelin' deal....but i've never owned a 4x4 before. I'm from sunny So Cal. A buddy of mine a few years ago got me into this and i've been missing it ever since he moved. Anyways, for those out there that know him my buddy is Alex, aka Psychohill. I'm looking to get a newer YJ. I've found an '03 Rubicon that has my intrest so i'm gonna go check it out more once i get out of work today... Is there anything i should look for, stay away from?

    this Rubicon is already on a beafy lift (dont know the exact amount but based on what i've seen i'd say maybe 4/4.5". i believe its Rancho and Air controled, to adjust the ride iirc.) and 285/75r16 tires i believe. they are asking just under 21k for it and it has almost 32k miles. I dont have any experience but that doesnt sound to bad. I know (as far as other cars go) aftermarket goodies dont add value to the vehical, is this true with jeeps aswell?

    TIA all

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    Welcome aboard, and this site seems to have first rate advice about mods and things, so when you get it, ask
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      Welcome aboard! I can't be of much help to you right now, but any friend of Alex is a friend of ours

      Can you feel the love!?
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Welcome aboard!

        1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
        3" Rough Country Lift


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          Hey Dan!

          Glad you joined us I was reading your post thinking to myself...he sounds very familiar

          Dan is the guy that Alex used to drag up with him, and theyd stay at his cabin

          WELCOME and Good luck with the Jeep hunt! As far as that Rubicon goes...if you can justify the cost, itll well be worth your while.

          In case you didnt already know...the difference between a Rubicon and a TJ are: Better/lower gearing, D44 front and rear, lockers, disc brakes all the way around (all TJ's 03 and up), 4:1 tcase.

          All these things you would probably upgrade on a standard TJ. Most TJs come with 3:73's/3:07s, no lockers, front discs and rear drums, d30/d35 axles, std tcase. Some Sports come with d44's in the rear.

          Youll have to ask Erik about the differences between the coalcart (YJ) and the TJ's...cause all I know is that the YJ has leafs


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            thats guys. i knew i would get a warm welcome. well i went back to the dlr and it was gone. so the search continues....but i think i'm gonna try and find something a little less expensive so i can keep my other car. i've just got to much into it to let it go.