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  • New Jeepaholic?

    Hi there!
    I found this site through google to begin with, searching for online parts for Cherokee's.
    My name is Dani, and live in Finland.

    I am going to get myself a car now, and the Jeep has always had that something.

    Here is one jeep I thought of:

    it has all the equipment, leatherseats, AC, 33/12.5/15 tires, raised etc.

    It's a 1990 Cherokee, with 230.000 kilometers on it.

    What do you think of it? Would it be a good investment?

    also, if I go see it, what are normal "jeep-faults" that I should check for? Like rust in doors etc.

    this was all for now, quite much text but thanks in advance :shades:

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    Welcome to the forum! I think youre our first member in Finland.

    How much is it?

    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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      The cherokee is a great will get many miles ( or km) out of it. The larges fault of the later cherokees are their Cooling system. Make sure the coolent is clean and the elect fan is working. An easy solution to their weak cooling system is the "open system" conversion. My locate radiator shop did this for me for about $150. If you need more info private message me. good luck.
      87' XJ "Gnarly"

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        Welcome aboard! Those a great vehicles for off road... I have been impressed with the ones I've been out on the trails with.

        1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
        3" Rough Country Lift


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          Oh, ok.
          I am going to drive with it in the city too. The reason why I need a big and offroady car is I drive offroad too, and need to drive with it to our paintballfields etc.
          A big thing too is that I got this 150 liter subwoofer box with incoming 10000watt subwoofer, so.. Doesn't fit in a normal car
          Needs some puttying (filler), and a new paintjob and voilá
          It's 6000 euros. (Yeah I know.. but this is Finland..)

          centrallock,electricwindows,electricmirrors,specia lrims,automatic,towing hook..
          towing hook,cruisecontrol,leatherinterior,airconditioning ,stereo

          This was just one of my 'candidates', we'll see which I'll choose
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            how about the fuel.
            The 4 liter engine is quite a big machine.
            I just thought that If I drive in the city alot, it will kill my economy, right?
            Isn't it in the city like 30 liters per 100km? Or something like that.
            Or are cherokees 'fuel-friendly'



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              My Cherokee gets about 15 mpg(24 kpg) in the city with the same size tires you would be buying into with that Jeep. So for me (at $3.00/gallon) it's about $1.00 every 4 miles that I drive. The most amount of fuel I use comes from off-roading not from the in-city driving. Plus maintaing a constant speed and avoiding the constant stop-n-go driving adjusts your fuel mileage (kilometerage?) slightly. Other than that I've had no real drastic change in my fuel economy when going from my 3.8 car to my 4.0 Jeep.


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                Originally posted by mode
                are cherokees 'fuel-friendly'

                Sorry, but we dont consider Jeeps Fuel Friendly in any stretch of the word. But, I dont think youre going to find anything out there that fits your requirements to be.

                Good luck with your decision!

                2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                  Buyin yer jeep

                  Depends on your gasoline prices if you are going to use it for daily driving. Gas has luckily dropped to $2.09 a gallon here, so it is just a tad easier to stomach everytime one visits the pump. In terms of the actual vehicle, one thing I've noticed with many older Cherokees is they tend to leak some oil (the 91s do). But, extremely minor, you can replace the oil gasket yourself and its cheap as crap to fix. In terms of the miles, it'll keep running for ya. Mine has 190,000 miles and extremely dependable, which is very surprising being that its 15 years old. I'd go for it. Cherokees are great in that they can be Business (for your daily drive) and PARTY (for the weekend off-roading!). Hope you decide to get the jeep.