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Chris' TJ build-up almost done


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  • Chris' TJ build-up almost done

    I finally got some pics formatted and uploaded, kind of figured out how to use the gallery. I sent some up but can't find them now....

    Anyway, here's a few of my work weekend and drivetrain update. A lot of you met me at Calico with my little khaki stocker. I've been pulling parts together for a month, spent about 30 hours last weekend putting parts on.

    Major features:
    35" GY MT/r's on Eagle Alloys, 3.5" BS
    Currie 4" lift
    Currie Antirock
    D44 4.10;s w/ARB, open D30
    AA SYE and TW driveshaft
    Poison Spyder rocker guards
    Kilby tank skid
    Currie HD steering rod system
    Currie Steering box brace
    Currie shock shifters and bar pin elim.
    More 1" BL and MML with bombproof mounts
    Hansen front bumper and 8274 mount with restored winch w/Amsteel rope
    Cobra CB with Firestick
    Hella 500's
    rear bumper on order, carrier and rack system

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    Very nice. Not lookin so stock now
    04 Rubicon
    4.5" RE Super Flex
    1" BL
    CV Yoke w/ Driveshaft
    Currie Anti-rock swaybar
    35" el cheapos
    Front Bumper & Rockers


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      Looks good man, keep up the good work !


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        looks real good Chris!

        Bet you cant wait to take her out again

        2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
        Rock-ItMan all the way around


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          The pics dont do it justice
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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            WOW! That's a change in looks. Looks great! Let's run some trails.

            B&T TJ


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              wow, tat is looking fantastic.
              lets get that thing into the rocks

              95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                I can't believe that is WAS the stocker following us in calico. It looks great! Nice work!


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                  Right on Chris! Looking good!
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                    Wow! Looks great!

                    1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
                    3" Rough Country Lift


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                      Looks great! Interested in hearing how the tires, tranny, and diff gearing work together.
                      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
                      2003 TJ Rubicon: 4.5" OME coils; RE SF2; NthDegree TT/oilpan skid/shock shifters; FXD rock rails; Anti-Rock; 5150'


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                        Originally posted by jmbrowning
                        Looks great! Interested in hearing how the tires, tranny, and diff gearing work together.
                        Absolutely drives fantastic. No squeaks or rattles, just smooth power. I love the gearing, it works better than stock. Freeway revs are 2500-2800.

                        I drove back from Big Bear with 20lbs of air in the tires and it was boggy. With 25lbs in them it rides like a dream, great accelleration and great handling. I love the Anitirock, just enough sway stop but still flexes offroad. Steers like it's on rails. I don't know if it's the big Rancho steering damper or what, but it's super stable on the road, drives like it's on rails. Gotta love it.

                        Next is to hook up the ARB and run the air lines, do the dash switches and hookup lights. Bumper and rack installs tomorrow, safari rack, jerry can rack and CO2 mount.

                        Thanks for all the positives from everyone. It's been a lot of planning and hard work. Jeeps are built, not bought right??? :gun:

                        Next message: the winch saga.......


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                          I loved the winch post. looks AWESOME!

                          2003 black TJ 4.0 manual
                          front-OX-35 rear-OX-44 4.88
                          Rock-It Man rear bumper + rock rails, currie front bumper