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  • here is mine

    I guess I never did post any pics of mine here, so here it goes
    click one these to see them bigger

    have a few action shots in my gallery also
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    I love that color, just something about Jeeps in military colors

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      Great lookin' jeep! BTW, how do you like the p/u style cover over the back? I am considering ditching the hard top and backseat when I get to Cali.

      1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
      3" Rough Country Lift


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        Nice Jeep!!!!! I too like that me biased.

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          Lookin' good ... gotta love those windjammers
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            Good lookin jeep.


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              I ran last summer with just a bikini top, then I stasrted thinking about a tounue cover as a out of sight security thinggy. after putting it on I decided to make a run this January to Mexico for a weekend. Well my wife stated she wanted at least the wind jammer if we were to go. Thats how I got to the current setup, I am running a RJR breezer bikini, its one that lets all the air through but blocks a lot of the sun, and windjammer plus tonue. I like it. you have to sit up a bit straiter with the windjammer but it soon feels normal. I have a cab cover for when I park in public parking or it looks like rain. removeing the upper doors for summer is also a nice
              touch. I figure that security in a jeep is only a wish at best so I keep nothing but a few cds in it.
              Have Smackos, will travel


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                opps last post under the jeep dogs name, gotta start watching that
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                  Originally posted by barker
                  Well my wife stated she wanted at least the wind jammer if we were to go.
                  Hehe, you let your dog get married?

                  Yes, the windjammer does do a great job, we drove up to the Rubicon with just a bikini top on Rick's Jeep the year before last and it sucked bad. The second year I made him buy a windjammer, and I think he enjoys it as much as I do.
                  :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                    Sarah, I saw where you posted under jills name once, hehehehe
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                      Nice Jeep.
                      We need to get a bikini top for our jeep.
                      We had one on our old jeep, and it was nice.

                      Just have to add it to the list of things to get yet.
                      Right behind the lift, and tires, and rockers, and skids, and, and,
                      I think my pockets are empty now.

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