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I'M not a newbie.BUT Hello again,jeep season again.


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  • I'M not a newbie.BUT Hello again,jeep season again.

    White TJ back in Action this week, need a good radiator (made frome the same kind of metals would be nice).oops its that eastv coast sarchasm.KYLE and I where serios today opening our shop for free/cheap advice.New members please take advantage. The use of our facility,including the car lift, coutless floorjacks + stands and any tool you can think of.We plan to spend Sunday 12:00 to 6:00PM the 30thnd of april doing the same thing. We have room in the shop for everyone,couple of smart wrenches would be a bonus.Remember we point you do the work. What i'm trying to do is get all the rigs that do the big runs a chance to get at those little things that get big the week before the Rubicon. I (Brian)can be reached by cell805-444-0099
    Plan to get dirty and welcome to the club.I cannnot store vehicles, sorry.
    Ohhh I almost forgot. TOTALLED my Unlimittted.Was this a BAD thing?
    I'm sure it will go down as my fault. (2)lanes going my way, (2) lanes going th other way ,center lane fore going into driveways L+R Comrecial area, Trash truck in slow lane going my way He Stops trafic while the 2 "engineers" jump out of the truck and bring the dumpster to the street .Trafffic was busy, so I'm in the lane that will pass the trash truck. The "engineers" decide to front fork this 8' dumpster over the cab into the back. WEll they got the dupster to the dump angle and out comes a weeks worth of work, metat bits old exhaust systems,springs you name it.
    So I've got (2) cars in front of me, trashy's got (1)behind. MY head is clear watched the whole thing(2) cars in front of me jack it up, dont want brake dust on that shinny new lexus.I'm aready locked up but managed to get behind the trash truck,giving me another car length of stopping distance (the wonders of no ABS )van has one of those old exterior fiberglasss spare mounted, bet it helped. Any how the bumper went under the tire carrier and stoppped there. Damage acording to the body shop is 10K .looks like hood both fenders that jeepy looking headlite holder,prolly thr fan ,radiator,windshield,bumber ,I was able to twist the jeep strait for the impact. Always wear your seatbet, airbags did deploy.
    NOW YOU WOULD be thinking BFD fix it and you're on your way . My agent (AON plug here) couertesy totlals the vehicle at the body shop so I can Have a "Like-vehicle to drive,imeditly cause its a busness vehicle wich I am driving at this moment. So I absentmindedly asked what the salvage value is? They look it up and there have been no totalled LIKE-VEHICLES,so they are using the 20% rule $5500,needless to say SOLD AMERICAN.

    Forgot to mention it is a rubicon with both tops installled and 6CD changers in dash.
    99 6 cyl, 5speed, 241OR 4:1, 44-48 ARB alloy shafts-rear discs,HP30-ARB alloy shafts, RE 4.5LA,1"MM/BL, 35"MTRs
    82 CJ 4 1/2" RE ,33"MTRs,488/ARBs.
    05 6sp Rubi/Unlimited havent started screwing with yet.05 6sp 05 6spdl Rubi/Unlimited havent started screwing with yet. (yes 2)

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    Wow! Bummer about the unlimited but it sounds like you came out of it w/o a scratch, good news there. I'd like to take you up on your offer of use of your fab shop someday. At least you still have the white Sahara Kyle's CJ, good to see you back.

    B&T TJ


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      that sucks about your Jeep!! Does the shop day on the 30th mean you're not heading to Calico with us? Everyone that needs a hand oughta head over to Brian's shop, lots of good equipment and not to mention advice there
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Welcome back Brian! We should have a Pre-Rubicon Shop Shindig!
        Ya Savvy?

        Motech Performance


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          Glad to see you back with us Brian...youve been missed!

          Its cool what youre doing with the shop, I think a large majority of the group is headed out to Calico that weekend though.

          2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
          Rock-ItMan all the way around


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            HMMMM I'm not wanting to miss calico. I can do shop day on a SAT. The point is that if a rig is not up to it we pass on it, or help the new member of old to get it together. As it gets later in the year rock stars start getting in my way using up all my jeep tweaking time.

            Erik I got both batteries in the same side,gonna filll my co2 bottles with co2 argon mix, f**k that flux core wire.

            Tam are you mounting that to your jeep?