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Traded in the TJ.


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  • Traded in the TJ.

    Well my TJ is officially gone. I traded it in for a 05 Scion XB. :mad: Now before you all hate me here's why.

    1. Opec has me by the nuts. With school and bills I couldn't afford gas anymore.

    2. I was starting to doubt the life of my TJ... numerous gremlins showing up. And I can't have something that may break down on my trips to get my son. :confused:

    3. I had done everything I wanted to it. Well almost. I never did get to roll it.

    4. I hadn't been wheelin' since Jan 1st. :mad:

    BUT! There is good news! I still have my 48 willys, and although it's coming along slowly it coming along.

    It was fun while it lasted, but not over. Hopefully once I get my Willys done I will ya'll on the trails again. God I will miss that thing though. It's like losing a pet. :oink:
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    awwww, boooo!! let's get that willys runnin
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      You suck

      Just kidding

      I hope the scion gets better milage then your TJ. Although its probably the same aerodynamically challagned.

      Anyway, stick around here. Just because you dont have your TJ anymore doesnt mean you cant hang out.
      Ya Savvy?

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        Oh man that sucks but I can feel your pain. Gas is killing me also but I just decided to eat less rather than give up my Jeep. Of course I could afford to lose some pounds

        If you every miss it and want to ride along, just hollar!

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          Sorry to here that...that sucks. You'll be back in no time though
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            sorry to hear that.
            i am getting rid of the expedition for most of the same reasons though, so i feel your pain.

            95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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              That sucks, you had a cool jeep. Well, at least you still got the willy's!


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                That sucks about your TJ. I know what you mean about the gas prices. I am going to vegas this weekend and will probably wind up take my girlfriends saturn. It looks like its going to be a perfect top down weekend, but 14 MPG vs. 32 MPG will probably make that decision. As for the Willys, if you need a hand let me know, I am only a jaunt through the desert away.
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                  Thanks for all the support. It was like getting rid of apart of me, but yes there is the Willy's. And don't worry, between school and work I will still be popping in here. Can't get rid of me that easy.
                  [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]No Jeep To speak of. But I got a Hummer H3[/COLOR]