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Dirty Trick.....


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  • Dirty Trick.....

    My wife asked me to empty the water off the Wrangler after it rained last week. It sags in the middle and will collect an inch or two of water. Well, what doesn't leak inside and get on the floor stays on the roof....

    OK, I will do it honey.....I go out and assess the sitch.....I will open the door and push the lid up, and move the water over to the passenger side where it will splash safely away.....that was my plan.

    So I open the door and push the lid up so as to dump the water down the other side.......oops. :mad: It weighed waaaay more than I thought. I pushed, but the water only moved to the passenger side a little, I failed to push hard enough to make it go over the edge.

    As I stop pushing, and I reconsider my plan, it comes flowing back to the driver's side where I am standing.........OH Yes, you are guessing ahead aren't you.....

    WHOOSH it goes over the edge on my side.............right down my back. Not the lower back, but just behind my neck. Inside the collar of my shirt. .......Half a gallon or so of ice freaking cold water.......I am screaming like a 6 year old girl and my wife is laughing her ass off.....

    She got me a dry shirt, but was still laughing the whole time........

    Man--->wet behind the ears<------delon
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    Good Work!!
    Ya Savvy?

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      awwwww dude that SUCKS! stupid rain
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        HA! She had you pegged


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          I feel for ya bro. . . .

          the way you told the story was hilarious . . . .

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            lol! nice one. :yay:

            95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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              I'm sorry, not!!! I'm still laughing and I would do that to my husband, Tom!
              1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
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                hahahaaahaha ........Thats awesome!!

                It sounds like something that I would do or happen to me. You gotta love it!!
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                  03 Rubicon, 6" FT long arms, 35x12.5 MTRs
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                    You think if we get somebody with a video cam you could replay that, We could turn it in to worlds funniest video's, Im sure it would take first, Then you would have the prize money as a reward for your torture... LOL LOL
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                      that is a good one, but sounds to me just one more little hole so it all drains right into her seat would be a whole lot more fun, nuthing like a wet but and running late.
                      im lovin it

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                        been there, done that!
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