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OK, Here are my pics


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  • OK, Here are my pics

    I finally got around to putting some pictures in my public folder so here are just a few of the trips I've been on in August/September 2004.

    If you like them, check back cause more will post.... & the green sahara, that is Mike's (aka: McGyver) sons. It's his Marine Corps Graduation Present and he doesn't even know it's his yet. Gotta keep the Jeep in family.... See how it's spelled? F-A-M-Jeep-I-L-Y!

    "Home, home on the trail.....Where the Jeeps and the campers stay. Where seldome is seen any 2WD cars, and the auto club does not yet go there."

    1990 XJ 4X4 daily driver. 1995 YJ "Black Betty, Bam-ba-lam!"
    Basically too much in this hobby already and I have the gnawing urge to get me a new 6 speed LJ Unlimited next.......Lets go wheelin!
    " [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Life-is-Good![/COLOR] "
    Rick W6RE

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    Yay Pics! Yay Mac!
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: