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  • FNG Just checkin in to say HI

    Hello to everybody.

    Just checking in to introduce myself.

    Just joined because I am getting tired of the other sites I visit.

    Wife and I own 2 Jeeps right now.

    Mine - 98 ZJ mostly stock right now. Only added front tow hooks and the K&N drop in. 2 inch hybrid BB is in the mail and will be installed along with some 31 inch tires. Looking for skid plates for it right now.

    Hers - 01 WJ only additions to it are the Airlift 1000 airbags to help with towing our camper and the K&N drop in. No other mods planned for it, unless she gets a new Jeep and I get the WJ.

    Looking forward to spending countless number of hours trolling the forums here learning and helping when I can.

    Take care.
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    It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.

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    Welcome to MJR!

    This is a pretty friendly place...Im sure youll enjoy it here

    Do you have pics of your Jeeps? Its cool when you run up against a multi-Jeep Family!

    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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      Let's see if these will post.
      98 ZJ after tow hook install, put the bumper cover on later.

      Spot on driveway was from a leaky tranny output seal that I got fixed for a steal > $125

      01 WJ

      We tow this with the WJ

      Newest addition to the family. His name is Patches. He is a 9 week old Sheltie

      Prior to owning the 01 Grand, we had a 97 GC Laredo. It was time to sell so I asked the wife, what color her new Grand Cherokee will be. There was no question in my mind that we were gonna have a new Grand to replace the old. -LOL
      It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.


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        Sweet pics and cute pup! Hello from the west coast - I grew up in northwest Indiana! Welcome to our little community of Jeep friends, looking forward to hearing more about your Midwest adventures and beyond.
        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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          Welcome to Myjeeprocks ! You will definatly like it here. I also searched and searched for a great Site, and came up unsatisfied untill now. Its a fun place.
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            Welcome, trust me you won't be sorry you joined this site.
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              Welcome to MJR! Some Nice lookin Grands you got there!
              Ya Savvy?

              Motech Performance


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                welcome...i cant see the pictures??

                and i see your from valpo! i have some cousins that live there, its a nice town.
                B R E T T
                87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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                  yippy another indiana jeeper welcome and as mentioned before this is got to one of the greatest bunch of folks youll meat, hope to make it out that way to meet some of you and do a little wheelin.
                  im lovin it

                  2004 wrangler se
                  4 inch rough country lift
                  super budget 3 inch body lift


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                    Welcome to MJR.
                    [COLOR=Red]Semper Fi[/COLOR]
                    In Loving Memory of My Daughter


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                      Welcome to MJR! Pics didn't show up for me, but I'll take the word of evryone else...nice cherokees You won't get bored here, great group of people
                      04 Rubicon
                      4.5" RE Super Flex
                      1" BL
                      CV Yoke w/ Driveshaft
                      Currie Anti-rock swaybar
                      35" el cheapos
                      Front Bumper & Rockers


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                        Here is my Jeep with a 2.5 in F>R lift and 245/75/16 inch meats

                        Before new tires, after lift installed:

                        After installing the new tires, Dayton Timberline A/Ts

                        It's a Jeep thing, my wife doesn't understand.


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                          Welcome to MyJeepRock this is a very happy happy place.

                          Joe Rojas
                          1994 Jeep Cherokee