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PLEASE READ: How to post pictures, photos, images, snapshots & other digital imagery


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  • PLEASE READ: How to post pictures, photos, images, snapshots & other digital imagery

    Posting pics ON MJR

    Subscribed Memberships
    Here at MJR you can also post a picture directly from your hard drive and have it hosted at MJR if you are a subscriber. To find out more about subscriptions, visit

    ... Should you need further assistance or need help in sizing photos, please dont hesitate to PM me, Tam(JeepGal).

    Non-subscribers must have their pictures hosted on a site that allows hotlinking, like
    upload your pics that you want to share to photobucket, or any other source that allows hot linking of the picture, then..
    • right click on pic you want to post
    • choose properties
    • copy web address from properties window
    • on mjr window, click the mountain icon {insert image}
    • paste the address you just copied in box
    • choose ok
    • you are finished

    i hope this adds a bit of clarity for the newbies
    Nailer, your friendly moderator

    If you're getting red x's (or blue question marks), can't get your pic to show, have followed the above procedure, and are not using photobucket .... try using photobucket. Many photo-hosting websites do not allow hotlinking.

    More details
    To add a picture to your post:

    Linking an existing picture directly from website

    After locating the picture desired:

    Using Internet Explorer right mouseclick the
    desired picture, go to properties and highlight
    the address/URL, right mouse click again and click
    copy. It is now saved to your clipboard.

    With Netscape right mouse click the desired
    photo, click copy image location, it is now
    saved to your clipboard.

    Now that you have your desired photo location saved, simply click on the IMG button at the top (if there is a "orig.jpg" after the first ".jpg"in your saved image url, youll need to remove it for your image to work...) then right mouse click and paste the URL that you saved over the words http:/ in the box that has been provided. In the future, you may simply type the code to save time ... the format is [ img ] your photo link.jpg [ img ] ... of course without the spaces in between.

    Posting a picture from your hard drive or an outside source, such as a digital camera or scanner is a little different. Pictures can first be uploaded to a website. (subscribed MJR users can upload directly to the gallery The smaller in size your pictures are, the quicker they will upload, but use caution or your pictures will lack clarity. (I usually try to save pictures that I intend on posting at about 450x350) Upon uploading your desired picture(s), follow the above instructions.
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    Here a picture is worth a 1000 words

    Hope this makes it easier to understand
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      very informative, thnks