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  • Greetings And Salutations from OllllllO

    Hello, I am Rick OllllllO and I have a problem....

    Crowd says: Hello Rick!

    I am a Jeep4Xaholic, I have been for oh, 20 or so years give or take....

    Crowd says: Welcome Rick!

    Im here to try to recover myself even if I need to use my winch, snatch block, tow strap and tree protector.

    Crowd says: Nice to meet you Rick!

    Anyways, my jeeping habbit became so bad I left my job for it and im on the brink of financial desaster....Or maybe on the brink of rollover on the trail, which ever comes first....So, now im self employed so I can get the time off when I want it, not the big guy.

    Group leader says: Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

    If I could just get one more spot I know I can pick the sweet line up that sluce.... One more spot! Must have one more spot!......

    Group leader says: We hope to see you again Rick Jeep4wdaholic.

    So now I spend countless nights searching the perfect trail and dreaming of the ultimate line and prey that my next run will come soon, very soon.

    The only vehicles you will see parked at my house are Jeeps, I have two and had as many as 5 but we won't go there as to why I don't have that many any more. I am particularly fond of the deals I saved from the salvage yards because all my pretty little Jeeps were bound for the bone yard till I extracted them and well, the rest is history. As soon as I can figure out how to work my two left thumbs on picture posting, I can put several from the last run I went on.... Rubicon Trail.
    Thank You,
    " [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Life-is-Good![/COLOR] "
    Rick W6RE

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    Hey Rick! Welcome aboard, I have been waiting for you to post your welcome thread and I can honestly say I think this is the best one yet!

    You say you spend countless nights searching for the perfect trail.... I'm sure it's got to be here in California somewhere - have you found it yet?

    Hope to meet up with you on a run this summer!
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      Welcome Rick! Love the intro! :haha:
      [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]No Jeep To speak of. But I got a Hummer H3[/COLOR]


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        Awww, thanks guys.... and gals, shoot it werent nothing really... Just the truth. Like I said, some of us met up on the trail and again some of my friends met up with yous again so I had to check it out. Well for those of you who wonder where...... It was Duran Loop/Odessa Canyon where the last runins happened. Do you who were there remember a guy with a Sahara YJ that had this big rack on it? There were two in the Jeep My buddy and his wife so I figured running into you and him running into your group was a sign that there may be some hard core wheelin' goin' round here!
        Anyway, if I could be lerned on how to post some pics without sounding too stupid, id be happy to post a photo album of several excursions including the Rubicon Trail. AND don't let me forget to plug my trip im planning to Dusy/Ershim next month..... Id love to see some of your smiling grilles and beautiful tail lights out there! As far as the Rubicon, well if I had the dinero to do it again, id tagg along with yas all and do it all again whilst it was still fresh in me mind. Im getting some withdrawls from being away from the trail too long so please excuse me.

        Rubicon Rick
        " [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Life-is-Good![/COLOR] "
        Rick W6RE


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          Welcome Rick! You sound like a hardcore guy and I cant wait to get out and wheel with ya! Its too bad you cant come to the con with us next week. I do remember a guy at calico with his wife going up oddessa with a big hurken rack ontop.


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            Rock on Rick,
            Hmmm, Calico, eh? Did you meet up with a big brown CJ? Well, you hit the nail on the head when you said "there may be some hard core wheelin' goin' round here," so hope to meet up with ya on a future trail run.

            Oh, and as for how to post pics, see the help forum. (It's a pretty common question)
            :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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              If I had an extra grand right now of cash layin' around, id be on the Rubicon with everyone Thursday night but..... I shot my wad...(ov cash that is) on the trail last weekend up on the Rubicon. Bring a tarp or something to keep the buckets of rain from soaking everything in the afternoon. Im just glad that I got to do the Con when I did. However, please consider joining my little expidition on Dusy next month as soon as I have dates planned, they will be posted so vote for your favorite time in the poll I have up. Be SAFE everyone and take care of each other...... I know my buddy and I personally fixed 3 rigs on the trail for the otherwise stranded who would be goin' back to pick their stuff up in a week.

              Yeah, you guys got it.... The Odessa Cyn, it was a 91 Saharah with a Safari Rack on top and Mike (aka:McGyver) was at the wheel. He said he got to see some carnage on some of the rigs from the WaTeR FaLl :lightning

              Rubicon Rick
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              " [COLOR="DarkGreen"]Life-is-Good![/COLOR] "
              Rick W6RE


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                Howdy! /jeepwave

                I fix things.


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                  Hey that's me!

                  My wife (Sherie) and I were at Calico and met up with the My Jeep Rocks group. Here's the pix: (

                  All together now... Hey, Nice Rack!

                  We enjoyed the trip and Rick and I went back a few weeks later, once again having a blast. Calico is quite a trip!

                  See you real soon.



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                    Welcome to My Jeep Rocks!
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