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  • Another new guy

    I just registered and the thread says to say hi for the newbie. So, "hi!" I REALLY like the site and the people and commentary. It reminds me of home (NorCal) despite the fact that I am stuck in Denver until done with grad school.

    My Jeep- '95 YJ 2.5L. 4" sagging Explorer Pro Comp susp lift, 33x12.5" Kumho mud tires (best bang for the buck if you asked me), 1" body and motor lift, Warn xd9000i, lock rites at boths ends (second best investment), Garvin roof rack and tire carrier, dual red tops, home style 2" shackles, SYE and CV shaft, and oh hell a bunch of other stuff that I can't think of since I have a mid term tomorrow.

    This seems like a cool bunch of folks that I hope to see on some trails in the future.

    '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.

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    Hey Brice! Welcome to MJR!! Sounds like a nice rig you got. Have any pics?

    Ya Savvy?

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      Sweet sounding Jeep

      Looking forward to seeing pics...and WELCOME TO MJR

      2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
      Rock-ItMan all the way around


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        On a lamo website

        I have a slew of pics, but am not sure how to post to the message. I saw the "IMG" button, but admittedly am early in CS Masters program. Guidance?

        I have a lamo site with some shots and I'll try to include some recent ones from a couple trails I've hit in CO.

        (make sure to have your pop-up blocker on as this is a free site)

        '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.


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          Welcome to MJR Brice. Nice Looking Jeep.

          Here is a link to instructions on how to post a pic.

          posting pics by Tam

          Have you done any wheeling near Denver?
          1953 M38A1
          A mix of original military history and dune running/rock crawling customization


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            Thanks for the link. I have to take off in a minute to see if I know anything about Java, so I'll check on it later tonight.

            The trails I have hit in the Denver area thus far are Spring Creek and Carnage- which is in Left Hand Canyon where there are a TON of trails.

            Carnage is BY FAR the most difficult and lives up to its name. I have had to weld the rear shock mounts back on 4 times on each side for the rear axle. Lockers at both ends are almost a requirement and the taller the tire, the better. Not to be done unless you are ready to take on a little damage. Left Hand Canyon has a few tough spots and some scary drop offs, but there are some cool camping spots and gorgeous views to be seen. For everything but Carnage, a stock vehicle could just about make it.

            Spring Creek is more scenic but has a few pretty good obstacles- the Rock Garden and one really steep one right after the start. Otherwise, it could be done for the most part with a stock vehicle.

            I have pics from all this, and will post them tonight.

            Plans for the summer are Blanca Peak and hopefully some stuff around Telluride. I figure while I have to suffer in this area, I might as well enjoy it.

            BTW, anyone from this area that wants to get together and thrash about?

            '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.


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              Welcome to the board! Thats a great looking Yj ya got there.


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                ROCKIN! We can meet you halfway in Utah to go for a ride!! Welcome aboard, thanks for your compliments
                :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                  Thank you all very much for the welcome. As far as posting pics directly, it's a no go for me and I'll just have to update the website as that website does not have direct links to pull pics from.

                  Anyway, I'll GLADLY meet anyone in Moab, obviously at a different time than you have scheduled thus far- see my post on the Moab trip thread.

                  If anyone feels like making the trip for the "All for Fun" in Telluride I might have an in with those folks to make their trip later in the summer.

                  '95 YJ 4 banging powerhouse.


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                    I'm considering the All 4 Fun trip this year. I have a buddy in SoCal that goes every year, and I have wanted to for quite a few years (grew up outside of Denver--Coal Creek Canyon, and later Lafayette). The decision is between All 4 fun and a fall Moab trip. Kinda leaning towards Moab due to the crouded nature of all for fun....dunno yet, but will post the appropriate thread when the decision is made. And finally, welcome to the board!
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                      Welcome to MJR! That's a pretty sweet rig you got there!
                      It's not the size of your tire, it's how you place it!

                      '98 wrangler 4" superlift rockrunner kit, adjustable trackbar, 33's, rear EZlocker,
                      and Kargomaster rack.