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  • New dad on board : )

    Hello everyone,

    Glad im finally able to post.I guess i lost my activation email somehow.Thank you Sarah for straighting out the problem.
    Anyway,you peeps got a great informative site here and just wanted to share a pic of my new rubicon.I traded my '02 Sahara which im embarassed to say....never saw ounce of dirt LOL.To make a long story short,the shop where i was gonna lift my jeep said with all that i was gonna do the the sahara suggested that i trade it in for a Rubicon.
    Im looking forward to hooking up with experienced rockcrawlers in my local area and show me the ropes and what this jeep is capable of.
    One question though...Whats the best trail/area to get some experience for someone(me) who is new to this hobby?
    Thanks in advance for the replies

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    Welcome to MJR. Nice looking Rubicon!

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions for places to 'wheel from the folks on this site. There used to be a place in Hungry Valley (near Gorman) that was like a training course. It had a mini-Rubicon rock crawling area, hill climb, suspension flexing area, etc. I haven't been there for over 6 years...not sure if it's still there.
    If you ever make it to the San Diego area or trails down here let me know.
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      Hey there mischifdad, glad you made it Your Jeep Rocks!
      V8m38a1 is right, Hungry Valley (Miller/Lockwood Trails) are a great spot to start. It's an easy trail, but with plenty of rocks. I made it up unlocked in my TJ when it had 31's. The "play area" is still there where you can brush up on your skills. There is easy stuff here in the desert, and up in Big Bear too, it just depends on which climate you're in the mood for. Looking forward to meeting ya on the trails!
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        First, welcome to the site.

        Second, I would like to offer a suggestion. Before you take your jeep on any tough trails, I suggest you replace the stock rocker guards. They are strong enough if they take a hit from the bottom, but if you put much pressure on them from the side (like if the jeep leans over and pushes up against a rock), they are not so strong, particularly right by the rear tires. They fold up quite easily. Trust me, I found that out the hard way.

        You are starting with a very capable rig, add some skid plates, and you will be ready for pretty much anything that SoCal can throw at you. Just be light with the right foot, and you are all set!
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          welcome to the board! keep an eye on the trail runs section, and join us on some trails. note the trail difficulty before you sign up
          hope to see you soon!

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            Hello, Mischifdad
            Hungrey Valley has a nice training course about 10 acres.
            Is a very good place to get started they also have 4x4 training there.
            once again welcome.
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              welcome to MJR. I agree with Big Bear. There are tons of trails out there, from mild to kinda wild

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                Your rubicon should make miller a piece of cake. Miller is a great trail to learn your jeeps cababilities. I ran miller with my CJ7 back when it was unlocked and on 30's.


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                  Welcome to MJR, most of the local runs you should have no problem in your new Rubicon. Anyone who follows Dukes69 on a trail can learn something. Never a dull moment with him on the trail.
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                    Hi!! My husband wants a rubicon....looks good!!
                    *Silly Boys....Jeeps are for girls!!*