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  • Greetings!

    Hello all! I am new to this site and fairly new to off-roading overall. I am just looking for some "jeep buddies" who live reasonably close to me to maybe go off-roading with. I live in Springville, CA. This is in Tulare County and is not too far from Fresno or Bakersfield. About my Jeep: 2002 Wrangler Sahara with an automatic (I know, wussed out here, but it also has to be my daily-driver). The only mods thus far are a K&N filter and Goodyear Wrangler MT-Rs (31 X 10.5"). I hope to hear from as many of you as possible. Perhaps you can share some cool trails to drive??

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    Hey Timbo. Welcome to MJR! Glad you found us! No wussing out with the auto, its the only way to go on the rocks! There are a few guys up that way. I'm sure they'll chime in.
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      Welcome to myjeeprocks Timbo!Auto's arent wussy, they are just a lot smoother on the rocks. :wink: Hope to catch you soon out on the trail!


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        Hey welcome aboard! AUTOS ROCK!!
        <-- loves her auto
        Anyway, yeah you should have a few buds up that way already -- CajunZJ and SactoPup are the first two that come to mind. You might be able to make it to Last Chance Canyon, that might be the closest trail run to you. How far do you wanna drive!? LOL
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          thanks for the welcome!

          Actually, driving is not too much a problem...I am willing to drive (nearly) any distance to take part in trail runs, etc. Trouble might be with my work schedule, though...I work weekends and have most of the weekdays off. Also, what sort of modifications might any of you recommend that are 1. Reasonably inexpensive (this is subjective, I realize) and 2. Do not badly compromise the Jeep's daily drivability? I am eager to trick it out a bit, but nothing too extreme (yet). I still have a couple years until I buy a new vehicle and the Jeep is relegated to full-time TOY status! Thanks for any input
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            you can go with a cheap lift like 1" springs and 1" spacers ... i'll have some for sale here soon when i get my lift. other than that if you want to do rocky trails make sure you get some rocker guards. the guys here on the board will give you a deal - check out Jim79CJ7's or PM dukes69.
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              HEYA Timbo

              Welcome to the board...!!

              Just so you know what it takes to do all the fun stuff:

              I bought my Jeep new in 02 as well. She was my daily driver up until a month ago. Ive got under 3k into her with a 2 1/2" Rancho Suspension Lift, RE adj lower control arms, Rancho 9 way adj shocks, 1" Body Lift, 33" MT/r's, Rims and spacers, Sun Rocker Guards, steering box skid, a cb and antenna. Ive been to everything but Johnson Valley. Everytime I push her limits she suprises me, and everyone else too. Rubicon was awesome, she exceeded my expectations, I was VERY concerned Id be over my head.

              If I had to suggest order:
              (this assumes you already have front and rear tow hooks)

              1. CB and Antenna

              2. Rocker Guards

              3. Goodyear MT/r's are a GREAT CHOICE and rims (for those of you that dont already know), you already know you can fit up to 31's on her stock. These tires will take you places stock that you never thought you could go. They stick and mold to EVERYTHING. The highway performace is a bit noiser then AT's, BUT well worth it. If you get a 1" body lift, you'll squeeze in 32's (though, if youre going to 33's, hold off on this till you can get your lift.) Rule of thumb, you need 1" of lift for every inch over 31's you go. (ie: 3" of lift for 33" tires.) Any lift you have over that will just improve your articulation without rubbing.

              4. Suspension lift, new shocks, new control arms. If you go over 3" in suspension, itll open a whole new can of worms. This can has another $1k worth of mods in it. If you go over 3" in lift, youll need a Slip Yoke Eliminator(SYE)and a new driveshaft. This is all to adjust the angle of the driveshaft to avoid vibrations. Some folks have problems going just the 3", and need to do a transfercase drop. With my 2 1/2" suspension lift, I was lucky enough to not have any vibrations, and therefore the tcase drop was not necessary. Add a 1" body lift IF youre going to get 33" tires.

              5. Other skids...steering, gas tank, oil pan...etc

              6. Just Empty Ever Pocket

              Good luck on the mods...dont hesitate to ask questions here. Were not like some of the other boards that flame you for asking what size tires you can fit under a stock Jeep

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                welcome timbo nice to hear from ya and know about your jeep. dont worry about the auto its easier for a daily driver especaially if you have a lot of traffic like what i have to deal with in sacramento.
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                  Originally posted by KID
                  welcome timbo nice to hear from ya and know about your jeep. dont worry about the auto its easier for a daily driver especaially if you have a lot of traffic like what i have to deal with in sacramento.
                  good ole traffic...where do you commute to?
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                  87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning