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  • Thank you for the Welcome

    Sjoe wee, nice welcome everyone - a big thank you Yep, I have already spoiled my boxers, thinking in - Oh what is it now - Dammit! 8 Hours still, I will be driving away in My Jeepie..... Aaaah the wait, the painful hell of work... Dont think I will get much done though..... hmmmm I must have browsed nearly EVERY JEEP site on the web, glad I came across this one though...

    So, last night my sphincter NEARLY exploded, while I was making space in the garage and tidying up (you know how it is) So I had to roll on the floor while my Trey (fiance) poured cold water on me to stop the swelling.....?

    Jeepwave Wrote: "i am in california u.s.a. you'll get that "pucker factor" again, i'm sure.."

    I am almost scared to ask - what the pucker factor is, will it hurt.? But thanks for the posting - unfortunately it will be a while until I can REALLY begin to do mods - The Big Tyres will only be on prolly in about a year or so, unless I win the lottery that is - (after a bring and braai at my house, i will do the jeep up) Oh wait you guys are american - do you know what a braai is.? Reckon its a barbecue.... of sorts....?


    So anyway - let me tell you (bore you all) with my morning so far, I woke up after hardly sleeping (dont know what to call my Jeep) and got out of bed, stood on the cat that latched onto my feet - she has claws like pins and I have scars like pin tracks all over me - hobbled over to the toilet (checked the mirror to see if my sphincter swelling had subsided) and realised - DAMN Its cold here!!! How am i going to cruise around tomorrow with my roof off my Jeep.? Damn Damn Damn - I think it will look kinda silly dont you - Freezing cold weather and there goes Darryll, um, er Mort® With snot running down his face, hands frozen to the wheel, ears could shatter at any minute and Trey with her Hair frozen in a backwards swoosh - damn damn damn - i will have to wait until it gets a little warmer! PLUS it rained last night !!! Aaarg - in winter too - Odd.! (I think my JEEP will have to be a boy named Mort®) You see, (deaths apprentice for those that read pratchett) But I dont know.....

    Yeah JEEPGAL The mods will come - like frost on a baby's bottom that has been left out in a snowstorm - they will come - just the money has to beat it there.....

    Mmmkay - SORRY, I have a habit of rambling..... i know.... But, you chaps are prolly all sleeping and I am at work at 7 o clock trying not to think of my Poor Jeep standing on that cold showroom floor..... sniff but worry not - i will have it soon

    Here is a picture of me for those that wonder what South African Me looks like - mwahahahaha

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    Damn Picture missing wasnt it

    At least this way, Im getting my post value up eh. ?


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      mort, how do you get the r with the circle arround it? can you do all letters with the circle?

      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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        Post count?!?! Whats that?
        Ya Savvy?

        Motech Performance


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          The ® in the circle.?

          Morning all - well Jeepwave - you just hold down the ALT button and type 0174 and let it go - there are many different ones 'alt 0149 = • Altj248 = ° and so on and so forth...

          WELL, Got my jeep on friday and i am as happy as hell


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            woooo hoooo and congrats!

            I dont need to imagine...I remember exactly how it feels as I rolled mine off the lot about a year ago...

            and youll be fine driving in the freezing cold...and youll enjoy the looks you get ...Its a Jeep thing, they wont understand...but YOU WILL.

            And for God Sakes, dont forget to wave at your fellow Jeepers! I honestly think every Jeep sale should come with a Waver Waiver...requiring you to understand the importance of carrying on the Jeep wave.

            Anyway...Hope you have a great time with Mort!

            2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
            Rock-ItMan all the way around


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              Thanks Jeepgal I already notice the looks - must be the people thinking - Oh god I wish i could have a Jeep, I mean a real Jeep - I been reading about the Jeep wave - and already tried it out on a chap in a red sport Jeep, but alas, here in South Africa - Drivers are so F***ing unfriendly, he sped up to pass me and shook his head cos i was driving too slow.... 40mph..>? Obviously wanting to run my Mort in you know..... But no-one has the patience and all the people here who drive the Bigger Jeeps.... Are either OLD MEN or housewives and the car will never see an inch of mud, possibly only bought so that they can mosey off to the nearest game farm with sand roads and proclaim that 'its a Jeep thing'.... Same with the chap in the Red Wrangler that passed me - it actually looked like he had LOWERED his Jeep hahaha

              Yeah, So I am doing the wave at everybody in a JEEP - I think i will get more pleasure out of it when i go to the nearest trail and am greeted by fellow Jeepers who want mud on their cars (not the spary on sort you get at high income snobbish garages)....

              Thanks for the reply though -