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    Since i don't have a pic i decided i would tell everyone a little about my jeep. Well i have a '79 has about 93K original miles...inline 6...i have a 3 inch body lift sitting in my room that needs to be put in, i have new springs that need to be put in to give me some more lift...i have an AMC 20 rear wide trac with Lock Rite in it (the axles just need to be popped in) and a Dana 30 front widetrack also that need to be put in. So basically i have stock right now. I have 33' tires...ummm Jaz racing seats with 2 pairs of Simpson racing 4 point seat belts...4 Kc lights mounted on a cusom light bar (made myself ) I made a rear rack with 2 jerry cans which was fun and a cool addition. Umm i am gonna buy an ox-lock (if anyone has any complaints about these i would like to hear them) I am also getting the floor of my jeep rhino lined. I have so many things to get done and such little money. I am 17 and the jeep is totally funded by me cuz my dad has his own little yeah i think that's pretty much everything...i have all these axles and lifts to put in and i am really busy and a lot bit of who knows when it will all get done...

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    First off, welcome to the site!

    Second, I have not heard good things about Ox lockers. All I have heard is people having trouble with them unlocking when they shouldn't, and binding up when trying to lock them when you are twisted up. I have never been there when people have these problems, and I hear that there was some re-design done to them since I heard about the problems, don't know if they work better now or not. Of course, that is second hand info at best, so take it for what it is worth.
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      Welcome to MJR!! Glad you found us! Sounds like you got some pretty cool Jeeps there. Enjoy
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