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    RULES: No chatting here, post your maps and GPS coordinates to share. Thanks! If this section gets alot of activity, we'll create a new forum.

    Rating: 1
    Graded dirt road. Dry, or less than 3" water crossing depth. Gentle grades. 2WD under all conditions except snow. No width problems, two vehicles wide.

    Dirt road. Dry, or less than 3" water crossing depth. Some ruts. Slight grades, up to 10 degrees. 2WD under most conditions. Rain or snow may make 4WD necessary. Usually one and a half to two vehicles wide.

    Rating: 3
    Dirt road. Rutted, washes, or gulches. Water crossings up to 6" depth. Passable mud. Grades up to 10 degrees. Small rocks or holes. 4WD recommended but 2WD possible under good conditions and with adequate ground clearance and skill. No width problems for any normal vehicle. Vehicle passing spots frequently available if less than two vehicles wide.

    Rating: 4
    Rutted and/or rocky road. No shelves but rocks to 9". Water crossings usually less than hub deep. Passable mud. Grades moderate, up to 15 degrees. Side hill moderate up to 15 degrees. 4WD under most conditions. No width problems, vehicle passing spots frequently available if less than two vehicles wide.

    Rating: 5
    Rutted and/or rocky road. No shelves. Rocks up to 12" and water crossings up to 12" with possible currents. Passable mud. Moderate grades to 15 degrees. 6" holes. Side hill to 20 degrees. 4WD required. No width problems.

    Rating: 6
    Quite rocky or deep ruts. Rocks to 12" and frequent. Water crossings may exceed hub depth with strong currents. Shelves to 6". Mud may require checking before proceeding. Moderate grades to 20 degrees. Sidehill may approach 30 degrees. 4WD necessary and second attempts may be required with stock vehicles. Caution may be required with wider vehicles.

    Rating: 7
    Rocks frequent and large, 12" and may exceed hub height. Holes frequent or deep (12"). Shelves to 9". Mud 8" deep and may be present on uphill sections. Grades to 25 degrees and sidehill to 30 degrees. Water crossings to 18" and may have strong currents. 1-1/2 vehicles wide. 4WD required. Driver experience helpful.

    Rating: 8
    Heavy rock and/or severe ruts. Rocks exceeding hub height frequent. Shelves to 12". Deep mud or uphill mud sections. Steep grades to 25 degrees and can be loose or rocky. Water crossings may exceed 30" in depth. Side hill to 30 degrees. One vehicle wide. Body damage possible. Experience needed. Vehicle Modifications helpful.

    Rating: 9
    Severe rock over 15". Frequent deep holes over 15". Shelves over 15". Mud bog conditions (long, deep, no form bottom). Over 30" water crossings with strong currents. Steep grades over 30 degrees. Sidehill over 30 degrees. May not be passable by stock vehicles. Experience essential. Body damage, mechanical breakdown, rollover probable. Extreme caution required.

    Rating: 10
    Severe conditions. Extreme caution recommended. Impassable by stock vehicles. Winching required. Trail building necessary. May be impassable. Impassable under anything but ideal conditions. Vehicle damage probable. Personal injury possible. Extreme caution necessary.
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    Trail Rater

    Green Circle Run:
    Suitable for stock vehicles and/or novice drivers. May have some challenges, most will have bypasses. Expericed people should be available to instruct and spot through rough areas. Safety equipment recommended, but only roll bar/hardtop, seat belts, first aid kit, parking brake, and jack/spare tire are required. Body damage unlikely, except that caused by driver error. Some trails may be overgrown, resulting in paint scratches.

    Blue Square Run:
    Recommended for experienced drivers; at least one locking differential or good limited slip is highly recommended. Safety equpitment is a must. Rough areas may not have bypasses. Some runs may require additional equipment. Occasional body damage is quite likely, drivetrain breakage is also possible.

    Black Diamond Run:
    A few experienced hardcore off-roaders with highly modified vehicles desire runs that will push their vehicle and driving skills to the limit, and that is what these are. At least one locker is REQUIRED, (front & rear lockers, 33" tires and low gears strongly recommended).Mandatory safety and recovery equiptment Some body damage is almost guaranteed, and severe drivetrain failure (axles, driveshaft, etc.) is quite possible. Driver error on some obstacles may result in a rollover. Some runs may require additional equipment.

    Crazy Black Diamond Run:
    Those lunatics up in Victor Valley, the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, have built some trails - Sledgehammer, Jackhammer, Outer Limits, etc. - that are in a class by themselves. Double Red only begins to describe them. Front and rear lockers, 33" or larger tires, and extremely low gearing (60:1 crawl or better) are REQUIRED. A CASUAL ATTITUDE regarding body damage and drivetrain breakage is also necessary.



    this is the standard safety equiptment list adopted by Cal4Wheel from the SD4Wheelers:

    Safety Requirements

    All vehicles must be street legal and maintained to conform to highway safety standards, as well as meet the minimum requirements listed below. Have the items ready to display at inspection.

    Guests on Green runs must have all items marked with an *asterisk.
    Guests on Red, Double Red, or Black runs must have all items.
    Members are required to have all items.

    * 1. Roll bar or full cage or factory hard top.

    * 2. Functioning parking brake or Micro lock.

    3. Tow strap or rope. No chains or straps with hooks. Recommend rated at 2 times vehicle weight.

    * 4. First aid kit (what do you want when you are hurt?). It should be mounted/stored in an easily found and accessible location, so that someone not familiar with your vehicle could find it in a hurry.

    * 5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts (don't forget your wheel locks).

    * 6. Spare tire equal to or within 3 inches (measured at the outside diameter) of existing tires on the vehicle; must be an appropriate off road type tread. No temporary spares.

    7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good, appropriately stored (not a missile hazard). Like the first aid kit, someone not familiar with your vehicle should be able to quickly find and access it.

    * 8. Seat belts for driver and all passengers.

    * 9. Antennas must not exceed 4'6" (54") in length except when longer antennas/whip are required by certain OHV areas.

    * 10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e., tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are generally rated for only 2,000 pounds, and that is when hooked to a trailer. They can come off with devastating results and are not recommended. Instead, for SUV's without a good tow hook attachment point, use the largest shackle or clevis (generally 1") which will fit in the tow ball hole on your stock bumper.

    * 11. Battery hold downs; no bungee cords.

    12. Functional 40 Channel CB radio. Handheld (walkie-talkie) types are acceptable but not recommended.

    Note: Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the trail is illegal, dangerous, and strictly prohibited. Anyone violating this policy or any illegal activity will be barred from all club activities.
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      Achy Breaky Trail (Stoddard Valley)


      Photos from the trail:
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        High Desert Roundup

        2003 Campsite

        Photos from the event:
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          Miller/Lockwood Trail (Miller)

          Flying J (truck stop)

          Kabob Hill

          Photos from the trail:

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            Panamint Valley (PVD)

            Panamint Valley Days Campsite:
            thanks, qwiksilver.

            Photos from the trail:
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              Los Coyotes Indian Reservation (LCIR)

              Warner Gas Station:

              Entrance gate:

              thanks, qwiksilver.

              Photos from the trail:
              links to multiple runs:
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                Rowher Flats

                Bouquet Cyn. Staging Area
                thanks, qwiksilver.

                Staging Area 1:
                N 34,31.600
                W 118,22.962
                thanks, jmbrowning.

                Other info:
                jmbrowning's waypoints

                Directions to trailhead (from SoCal):
                Take the 5 north to the 14 east, and get off on Sand Canyon. Make a left off the freeway, and continue straight through the canyon. It ends at Sierra Highway. Make a right, and follow Sierra Highway to the sign for Rowher Recreation area.

                Photos from the trail:
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                  Dumont Dunes

                  Dumont Dunes Road:

                  Photos from the trail:
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                    LAST CHANCE CANYON MAP
                    this is a great map i found for last chance.

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                      here is a link for calico ghost town directions.
                      and a trail map of the area. 3.5 megs. in PDF
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                        DUCY ERSHIM TRAIL MAP
                        DUCY MAP IN PDF/PRINTABLE

                        more ducy
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                          RUBICON TRAIL MAP
                          PRINTABLE PDF

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                            SLICK ROCK TRAIL MAP

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                              Originally posted by NAILER341
                              swamp lake map and info.

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