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Shelf Road & Phantom Canyon with Photos - May 2021


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  • Shelf Road & Phantom Canyon with Photos - May 2021

    We'll be driving Shelf Road & Phantom Canyon - "a popular network of trails that starts just south of Cripple Creek and takes you on a ride through history." Listed as an easy trail with a technical rating of 3 out of 10, "Phantom Canyon is a car road but has a few narrow, high spots. Shelf Road is rougher, steeper, and narrower but can be done in a high-clearance, two-wheel drive SUV when the road is dry." This trail promises to be 60.5 miles (4 to 5 hours) of offroad fun! We'll leave the town of Cripple Creek to start the trail at 9:30am, which should have us finishing the trail around 2:30pm - enough time to head back to the Denver Metro Area, explore the region on your own, or find a nearby camping spot!