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Fordyce Creek July 6-9


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  • Trail Run: Fordyce Creek July 6-9

    Hey guys,
    I am Kevin Maedel. I am known on here as Red Rubicon. I now have a Silver four door JK Rubicon.
    It has been a long time since I have been on the forum. We are doing a jeep trek to the famous Fordyce Creek. We stay at Cisco Grove RV Campground. We will do runs Friday thru Sunday. We bring our RV's toy haulers campers,tents, etc.. We stay in lot H and there are about 6 lakes we can drive to and fish and hike. There are many ways to run the trail. We do different sections each day. There are also easier runs there you can do as well. It is a really cool place and a little harder than the Rubicon, by also has lots of streams and lakes. I am getting there Friday morning and staying until Monday. We usually have about 5-8 Rigs each July. It is near Truckee and we usually go there as well.

    Feel free to join us!


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    Hey Kevin! Not sure if you remember me or not..I think we ran into each other on GM a couple years ago ? Anyways..I am not a fan of driving/towing long distances to an unknown place alone. Are you driving up with others? I could meet up with you when you're ready to leave town if that would work for you.. My rig's current set up is 35's, 4.5 RE long arm, Atlas 4.3, 4.88s, PSC hydro..would want to do trails appropriate for my rig....any thoughts?

    Jeep Girl


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      Yes, you would be fine. We leave July 5th and we drive to Sac west RV in Sacramento for Thursday night. Then a short drive to Fordyce Friday. We could meet at the Flying J in Frazier Park Thursday morning. We usually have about 6-8 other jeeps and buggies. Cell is 909-472-7071. Did we do Cougar Buttes together? I was with a big group that time. Fordyce is pretty cool, and way less crowded than the Rubicon. Cisco Grove is a cool place and right by the trails. Some other people we go with may head up earlier or drive all the way there. We like the short drive Friday morning.


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        My truck goes in the shop July 2nd for a converter not sure it'd be ready to tow by then, but I could drive my Jeep up if necessary. My only other concern is water. My amp is mounted behind the passenger seat on top a small box on the floorboard. I've seen videos. I'm fine with some water but would I need to worry about that ? My rig isn't set up for water to flow inside....I have a big sub/speaker set up in my tub too. The rest of the plan sounds great! Thanks for the number..I'll drop you a text so you have mine.

        I know we've bumped into each other Been a while!
        Jeep Girl