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Panamint March 30th weekend

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  • Trail Run: Panamint March 30th weekend

    Panamint Valley- March 30th weekend

    We're going to be headed out to Panamint Valley to run Isham, camping Fri-Sun off Quarry Rd. Right now, it's just me and another rig ( 4 door, 37s, locked and geared) He JUST built it

    You really should be locked but we can get you through it if you're not. The risk for body damage is there, so know that coming in if you've never done the trail.

    Camping is a nice secluded area off Quarry Road, room for RVs. Dry camping.

    If you want to run the trail Saturday but don't want to camp, we usually get to the trailhead by noon-ish. If I have any takers, we can solidify a time and meet place. (but we hope you want to camp )

    I'd like to take the Friday off and make the trek out there in the morning or early afternoon. From Ventura, it takes me a minute.

    If there's any interest here, post up... We can coordinate a meet up place or time at camp if you can make it Friday.
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    So the couple people I was going to run with, have cancelled. Anyone want to crawl rocks somewhere?
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      Are you bored with Big Bear? Could do a Mottino wash to big bear run Sunday, or just Big Bear. My wife is working Sunday and I'm off so I'll be free all day. Been working 6 day weeks lately so overnighters and 3 hour away destinations are outside the realm of possibilities for me.


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        Haven't been to BB this year yet; I don't do snow and freezing temps. Not my thing.

        Others are going to CB, so I'm going to join them.
        Jeep Girl


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          Have fun Lorie! Isham is always a good time! I wish that I could join you, but it isn't in the cards this weekend.
          But hey, I hope that you have a great time. And thanks for pointing out an RV friendly camp spot near there. I may have to take advantage of that!

          I have finally stopped drinking for good.
          Now I drink for evil..... :devil:


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            Let's plan a weekend before it gets too hot. I want to get back out there one more time. It's been too long since I ran that trail...last time we went out there, everyone broke before we could even get to it. That's when we saw you guys out by Manson's. Let's go! I'm not going there this weekend..going to CB with others instead. Had to cancel last time I was there.
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