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Calico Jan 12-14

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  • Trail Run: Calico Jan 12-14

    Tired of waiting on my friend's engine swap.........going to be camped off Doran if anyone wants to come out and play Probably be out there by 7pm Friday night. Jan 12. Stay until Sunday. White TJ. pink banners, Pink tent. Can't miss it.

    Have a lift and at least 33's...bring a happy face!
    Jeep Girl

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    I don't think we've met yet but you have my attention. I was going to go down to superstition Mountain that weekend but calico is closer and truth be told I'd rather go to Calico. I have a score to settle on Odessa with a not particularly difficult waterfall that broke my axle shaft. 35's and lockers


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      Hi Aaron- I doubt we've met too... I don't post up a whole lot anymore...kind of found a group of peeps I wheel with and sort of stick to that, but every once in a while I feel like hosting a run with more people. I haven't been to calico in ages..I've been wheeling Fresno trail; Swamp, Coyote, Rubicon etc..and more of Panamint Valley and some hammers in the winter ( I hate snow) figured it was time to hit up Calico again. My buddy's rig is almost done, then we're back off to Isham and the Hammers for some play time..maybe some Cougar Buttes in there somewhere. I'm open to our little group growing a few more rigs so you're welcome anytime

      REDEMPTION on any trail is a good enough reason for me to go back..Odessa will get ya sometimes, but it was probably just ready to go anyways and happened on that trail. Running an bigger spline D 30/35 or 44's ? Hopefully 44s when you bust something and it takes your locker with it .. JEEP- Justified Every Expensive Part right ? So I'm not on this site a lot..seems quiet for a few years..but I do stay in touch with a few of the guys on FB. If you'd like to do that, I'm Lorie Graves from Ventura if you want to send a friend request. I post up everything I'm doing, weather reports for where we're going etc....just a fun way to stay in touch ask questions etc...

      We're camping off Doran before you go around the first bend to Odessa's trailhead....right now, it looks like I have around 7 rigs and 10 peeps... I'm not going to let it get too big. I used to run 25-30 rigs through the more of that...10 max maybe now. I look forward to meeting you! If you're camping with us, please bring wood. Let me know when you're coming!
      Jeep Girl


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        The friend I was going to Superstition Mountain with pre registered us for the event so I will be going that way instead of Calico. And that axle breaking was a result of poor bump stopping, an over stuffed tire, and a great locker. Have fun out there! It would be that the first run posted in months is the same weekend I had plans...oh well, I'll still be Jeeping next weekend so that's what matters.


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          No problem. Like I said, I don't post here a lot but post everything on FB. it's just easier. .I run A Lot. Camp always.

          Wheels UP!
          Jeep Girl