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  • Trail Run: jeeping tomorrow

    Last minute call to see if anyone wants to run tomorrow. Cleghorn, cougar buttes, whatever.

    Got to break in Opy's new axle.

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    Crap, my Willys not QUITE ready to go. I'm finishing up the front shock mounts today, and that's pretty much the last big thing to do. I'm busy tomorrow as well.

    Let me know if you're up for a trip anywhere next weekend. I have one more weekend (not counting this weekend) before I hit the road to Moab, I'd love to a little shake down run offroad at least once before I drive it up there, just to make sure there aren't any last minute problems while flexing or locking the axles. I can cruise 55mph comfortably on the freeway.

    Hows your motor doing now?
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      Motor is awesome, no more downshifting to drive to big bear. I really like the ARB up front, much nicer to drive than the lockrite. I would love to see the Turbo Diesel Willys on the trail. I am working on Friday and Sunday, but I could probably sneek a quick run on Saturday if you are interested.


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        [COLOR="#800000"]You two gotta bring the old steel to IDTT this year! C'mon!![/COLOR]
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          Originally posted by USMC 0369 View Post
          [COLOR="#800000"]You two gotta bring the old steel to IDTT this year! C'mon!![/COLOR]
          I will be If it survives the trip to Moab
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