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Looking for people to ride with near long beach,ca.


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  • Trail Run: Looking for people to ride with near long beach,ca.

    Hey All!
    I'm fairly new to the off road world and am looking for people near Long Beach to take trips with. Just started building up a 98 XJ last month and and want to test it out. the engine is all stock and i have a 4.5 lift with 32 inch shoes. Just looking for something fairly mild as i am still testing the reliability of it.
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    I run all the time; however, don't always post them up. I have a run going Thanksgiving through Sunday in Calico if you want to join. There's a half of dozen of us or so..give or take. If you don't know of the trails there, you can youtube Doran, Odessa, Wall Street for an idea. Your rig will be fine as is. Calico isn't anything too crazy. I'm on Facebook and post my runs on my wall every time. Lorie Graves and/or IH8RDS. I'm out of Ventura.
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      I live in corona. Will be out in ocotillo for TDay. your more then welcome to join. Our age group varies from 20-70 yr old.
      No drama, no baggage bitches, just have fun. We all leave that crap and shop talk at home when we're out.
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        Welcome~! I live in Hermosa... I love to head out... However my Jeep is ALWAYS broken. I haven't had it running right in over 2 years. Maybe one day I will be able to join you. My advice. Keep things simple with your rig!


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          Or let people work on it that know what they are doing and most importantly follow their advice Skeeter


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            Might want to check out the long beach jeep meet held on the last Friday of every month. A group of 20-100 jeeps depending on the month hang out and chat about local runs and jeeps in general. It's held at 3910 cherry ave in long beach starts around 7pm.