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    Originally posted by RAT View Post
    Thought it appropriate to show everyone here on MJR just how many awards the MJR AAT group has won over the years. Pretty impressive for a group of volunteers. There must be something fun about this for folks to stick around so long and earn so many awards. I guess you can say adopt-a-trail work is very... Rewarding!

    trophies by MJR RAT, on Flickr

    Want to join the fun? come on...
    That's a lot of recognition in a relatively short amount of time!
    We seem to be able to make a difference when the forum members join in. We always need extra hands. But it ebbs and flows on an unpaid membership forum.

    If you are interested, post up! We need new help.

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      Our first year was '05 with barely 500 hours. I remember attending a few meetings by myself at the Sizzler, and they had the room sectioned off to be really tiny. Thanks to everyone who's joined in to grow the crew and keep it going all these years.

      We always love meeting new faces. Please join us! (Everybody loves to be on the winning team, right? Just don't let Doug be trail leader for the day or you'll be hurting for a week teehee)
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        Congrats MJR AAT Group!

        All your hard work, risks taken, and dedication to get Holcomb Creek reopen for all to enjoy is much appreciated!
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