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Went wheeling today


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  • Went wheeling today

    Well,after my run to Last Chance Canyon about 1 month ago.I bent my front driveshaft and had a huge oil leak.Here's what I did,my dad fixxed the front driveshaft and we tightened up the oil pan bolts and poof,the jeep is not leaking so bad.We went out to miller jeep trail with dad's jeep and my CJ.
    When we got to the gas station 5 miles before the trail head.Checked the oil,and all was good with very minimal leakage of oil.
    Aired down to 20 pounds,and went up the first hill.I let my older bro drive the first obstical which in my opinion is one of the coolest.

    Both my dad and James went up the first hill fine.

    I let my bro drive a bit more up the first series of hills.

    Then I took over and went up an opptional rock section.I had a bad line the first time,but James's good spotting got me up it with 31's!
    Then on up we went.
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    That is a pic of my brother in my CJ,me in the middle,and my sister at the far_right.heh
    Then we drove over the mountain and stopped at a turnoff like spot,and snapped an awsome pic of both jeeps with the mountains in the backround.Went down into the next valley.
    And started up the long relentless climb up the hill covered with switchbacks.
    It was awsome and both jeeps did great.Then we rode along the ridges of the next mountain.When we decided to do "kobob hill" there was a huge boulder right in the way.So kobob hill isnt much of a challenge anymore being as there is a boulder the size of me in the way! :x

    Then we went down into the next valley.At the bottom we found the very same ranger we saw in May stranded and vandleized at the bottom of the hill.We also found a AAA recovery 80's pickup,it had rolled down the very steep hill we had just come down.It looked like the driver was flung from the vehicle when it started to roll.It had no roll cage and was totaly wrecked.The rear winch looked to be stolen off the bck and we found the hood 150 feet away from the truck :shock: .We think that the truck was sent to recover the ranger that has been here for so long.


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      We moved on to our lunchin' spot by the creek. It was awsome!

      Next we started up the last and toughest hill on the trail.Boulders everywhere and good spots to get some flex shots.Driving up,I got high centered on my transfer/tranny skid plate on a big rock.I actually just eased off the rock and was never really stuck.Snapped a few more pics on our drive up.Got some great shots of dads(brian4.2)'s TJ.And we got a few good ones of my CJ.HEH :roll: We reached the top of alamo mountain and started our way down.After we got down from the mountain,we dropped into gorman O.R.V. park.There was a mud bog there and it suprisingly had water in it.Then my dad hit it jus to see how deep it was and deep it was.And boy am I glad he went and I watched,he dropped into it and did a nose dive and made it halfway across,then he highcentered on a rut!Can you belive that,on 33's?I yanked him out,then him and I hit it 5 more times until he staled.I yanked him out again and his jeep wouldn't start.So I pulled him at about 30 mph and he bump started his jeep.He actually pushed me for a bit,but his bumper was just pushing on my spare tire.We aired up and disco'd up and oh no!There is not enough pressure in our portable air tank to fill my tires,so Jmaes eased my jeep home on 20 pounds of pressure.When we got home,we looked a the jeeps.Now dad has a bron jeep like me,and my jeep is kinda whitish brown.They are so dirty and guess who is cleaning both of them tommorow inside and out.Yup you guessed it,I am.HEHE,All in all the run was great and hope to have plenty more like it.Hey,and if you guys want to join us.Just let us know.Would be awsome to wheel with some moe peeps. Sully

      They are up,enjoy.

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        Sorry I made it 4 extra posts but it wouldnt let me put all the pics on one post.I will put the mud one's up later.


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          wow! great pics! can't wait to get out there with you guys next time
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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            sully, empty your in box!
            those are great pics...

            95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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              Here are the mud pics!

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