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Johnson Valley for Thanksgiving


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  • Johnson Valley for Thanksgiving

    I am trying to go to Johnson Valley this week and I can not find directions from San Diego. How far is it and is anyone else from the SAn Diego are going?

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    There are several ways out there, all depends on where you want to drive, and what part you want to go to.

    I always went strait up the 15, and took the "D" street exit (turn right) to apple valley. "D" street turns into 18 outside of town (you could take the 18, but there is a bunch of stoplights that will slow you down). Take that all the way into Lucern Valley. From the stop sign (yes, THE stop sign), I would always go 9.2 miles and turn left on Sante Fe road (dirt). Turn right at the first intersection, and keep going as the road turns into a easy trail that winds through the desert and ends up at the west end of Soggy dry lake. I used to work at a ranch off of Sante Fe, that is why I always went that way. It is the slow way.

    Or, keep going on 18 (don't turn on Sante Fe). You will come to a sign that points you to Johnson Valley OHV area (big brown sign on the right, the access road is across the street from the sign). Again, this will lead you to Soggy dry lake.

    If you are trying to get back to Means dry lake (where all the rock crawling guys hang out and camp), go past the previously mentioned sign, and head into the thriving metropolis of "Johnson Valley". Don't blink, you'll miss it. It is a small group of winter homes on your left. Work your way back through them (a generally northerly direction), there is only one road that comes out heading north, that will take you to Means dry lake. There is a "official" road leading back there that doesn't go through "johnson Valley proper", but I can never find it. There are signs posted saying that you shouldn't access the OHV area through that neighborhood, but I do anyway. Please keep it slow if you do. Keep the dust to a minimum and watch out for kids in the street. Sorry I can't be more descriptive with my directions, it has been a while since I was back in there.
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      about whow long should it take to get there? Thanks for the directoins.


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        Originally posted by Tyson04
        about whow long should it take to get there? Thanks for the directoins.
        It takes about 2 hours to get to Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley from San Diego, but with traffic maybe 3 hours. We live off of Bear Valley Road in the High Desert. To get to Lucerne Valley another 45 mins to an hour also depending on traffic. We take Bear Valley Road all the way there, but right now taking Bear Valley road is a BEAR, pun intended! Hope this helps!
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