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  • ZafaRi2003--Nov 1 - 9th

    Ok, here is the deal. For the past couple of years, a group of guys that met over at (yea, a S-10 site) has been putting together what is turning out to be a annual gathering. The last few years have been in Moab in the spring, but this year we put it off until November, and are moving it to Arizona (florence area). The group has been shrinking as we have been running tougher and tougher trails, and right now it looks like we will have about 10 or 11 rigs attending. Not everyone will be staying for the whole week. The fun stuff will probably start on the 3rd (that is the day the out of towners are getting in), and will likely end on the 7th, as most people will be heading home over the weekend (although if there are still people to run trails, we will be running them!).

    Right now we have rigs that range from S-10's on 31's, to heavily modified rigs with 36+ inches of wheel travel. We will be running some easy trails, and some tough trails (4.0 +). Anyone is welcome to join us, and this is a family event. We encourage you to bring wives, girlfriends (please choose one or the other, don't bring BOTH), kids, dogs, etc. Yes, the women are also welcome to bring their husbands or boyfriends (again, please choose one or the other....).

    Some of the trails in consideration are upper and lower ajax. Upper and lower woodpecker. Jackhandle, Martinez canyon + the martinez mine, box canyon, coke ovens, etc. Possibly hiway to hell, axle alley, etc., if we get enough people that are set up to run those. We are thinking about some night runs on the easier trails (lower ajax, lower woodpecker, box canyon, martinez canyon, coke ovens, .....) as well. We will probably split into 2 groups each day, the easy/moderate group, and the hard group.

    Most of the trails will be in the Superstition Mtns. A AZ state trust land permit is required for some areas (more info on that later if there is interest).

    Anyway, this event is still in the planning stages. We started pre-running trails today, and will continue to do so over the next couple of months, in a effort to pick appropriate trails for the groups.

    If anyone is interested, let me know. I will pass on info as it become available.
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    I just got the YJ home from the Pacific NW <Portland, OR> some pics comming soon.......I am interested in this run. Pass me the info as you get it.

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    SOA, 33" BFG Mud Terrains
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      Here is a tentative schedule:
      Nov. 1st: Jackhandle
      2nd: upper woodpecker
      3rd: Upper Ajax
      3rd: Lower Ajax (night run)
      4th: Martinez Mine
      5th/6th: Galiuros (overnight trip)
      7th: ???--there is talk about another night run too
      8th/9th: some combination of the terminators, predator, Willow springs, miners revenge, etc.

      OK, there will probably be 2 groups going out on most days. The trails I have listed are the ones for the better equipped vehicles (with the exception of the lower ajax night run, and the Galiuros trip). This was originally a S-10 event (although many of us have sold our S-10's and are driving jeeps and FJ's now), so those guys will be doing easier runs. BTW, the group is pretty relaxed, and as long as you are there to wheel and enjoy yourself, you will fit in just fine, no matter what kind of 4x4 you are driving.

      Camping will be somewhere along Mineral Mountain Road. The nearest gas station will be 10 - 15 miles away (Florence Junction). Nearest full service town will be about 30 miles from camp (Florence). There will be people at camp every night except Wed., when they are all going on the Galiuros run. The last weekend we may move the campsite to a different location, depending on what trails we decide on.

      For the Upper Ajax run, Martinez Mine run, and the last weekends runs, I STRONGLY recommend a minimum of deep gears, body protection, one hard locker and 33's, or 2 hard lockers and 31's, at least 1 solid tow point at each end, and a penchant for body damage (I did more body damage on upper ajax than I did on the rubicon). Spare fuel will probably not be needed on any run.

      As I may have already mentioned, this is a family trip. Feel free to bring the wife and kids (or husband and kids), or mistress, or whatever. There will be a couple of women around, so don't let your wives/girlfriends use the "I don't want to be the only woman there" excuse. Loud obnoxious drunks will be pointed and laughed at until everyone is tired of them, and then they will be thrown in the fire in a attempt to amuse the rest of the campers. Non-obnoxious drunks will be tolerated until they pass out in the dirt.

      The deal with the AZ state trust land permits. Depending on where we camp, we will need the permits. If we find a suitable campsite inside the BLM boundries, we will not need them. This is still up for debate (meaning a lawyer has not confirmed or denied this), but if we are using public roads (mineral mountain and Cottonwood canyon) to gain access to BLM land, then we shouldn't need the permits.
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        I might be up for part of the event (the first weekend). I have to work during the week and on the eigth an ninth I'll be at the "desert splash" in parker. I'll let you know if I can make it.


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          Here is the tentative trail list:

          Saturday - Upper Woodpecker

          Sunday (Group 1) - Hackberry Canyon
          Sunday (Group 2) - ???

          Monday (Group 1) - Upper Ajax
          Monday (Group 2) - ???

          Tuesday - Galiuros Day One

          Wednesday - Galiuros Day Two

          Thursday - Coke Ovens/Battleaxe

          Friday - Martinez Canyon

          Saturday (Group 1) - Sibley Mansion
          Saturday (Group 2?) - ???

          Sunday - Roger's Trough

          No definitive answer on the campsite yet. There is also talk of a group breaking off and going up to Table Mesa for the last weekend.
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            The fun is still going on (except for me, I'm home to work for a couple of days....going back on Friday).

            A few pics are up.

            Personal favorite:

            Pics from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
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            Price is soon forgotton, quality is not.