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  • cleghorn,pilotrock,willowcreek

    well a freind of mne, with a new unlimited rubicon, wanted to take it out and start his 4x carrer out. So Seeing Ross posted he wanted to wheel friday it sealed our plans to take cleghorn and a few more trails coming out behind Arrowhead.
    We met at the beginnibg of the trail it was ME, Rick and vera in the LJ Rubi, Ross with his son Dillon in a nicely set up Tj, and his freind Greg in a stock O3 Taco, well we started out and Ross hung around for a few minutes at the start of the trail helping a broke down guy get a wrecker called and soon caught up. I appears that a lot of work had to be done on this trail this year, there are some fresh concrete berms on the way up and one seasonal steam area looks like another bad year and they may be doing major repair there, lets hope. any way the trip to the top did have the usual nice veiws I remembered.I really enjoy looking down on Cajon and we traveled to the first intersection, there is a off trail to the right that looked fun and we decided to take Rick up it till he saw what a little diffacult trail was like, it was rutted and had a few interesting short climbs, on with a trail turning as soon as you went over and got veiw of the trail again, Rick took it all in stride, Kinda got a little freaked his first over the top can't see the bottom but continued till I saw a climb I did not think He would want to go up. Showing him it, he agreed and we turned around, Greg brought the Taco up the climb, and Ross, with his young son along decided to take prudence and turned, So we wentr down the offshoot back to the trail and continued to Silwood lake. Saw the H1 club on cleghorn, they were doing a fine job on one of the upper side trails looking like they were having a blast. Anyway we stopped for lunch at the firestation before continueing on.
    I wanted to go up pilot rock bypassing the X trail because I remembered the Pilot trail having a few nice places for a newby to try, we since this summer when they reopened the trail and the turkey weekend they had got a grader up there, so it was a nice little trip through the woods with few opsticles, I think I would have enjoyed the way it was earlier but it is a green rated trail so I guess they need to keep it that way, we poped out by the sewage ponds and went to pinnacles staging area and down Willow, Stopping at the old Indian Site so I could show off the area and its arch. significance, the old grinding holes are cool and shoed them how the ground in a area is so much darker than the rest of the area from centuries of fires. Down by the creek we found evidence of a dear a bear had taken out, (ok, I cheated, I had been there the beginning of September and we had seen 1/2 the carcass that day so finding thuffs of fur was easy yesterday). finishing the trail off, shooting back to riverside we had Dinner and got down to the Mission Inn in time to see the fireworks and the Lighting of the Inn. The "Festival of Lights" has become a big event and they estimated 250,000 people were there, it was nice but we decided to come back on another date to tour the Inn.
    All in all a nice trip, Rick found out what the Jeep would do stock and is chomping to do some mods, We have a new wheeler and Ross has a really cute grommet coming up. Nice day.
    censored for having an opinion