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Rubicon Run in THREE WEEKS!


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  • Rubicon Run in THREE WEEKS!

    Here is the final schedule:
    Thurs. 6/19: Leave San Bernardino area in morning. On highway by
    8:15am. Meet Tony, Scott, Luke, Brett, Tommy, and anyone else in
    Johannesburg or Palmdale by 10am hopefully. Arrive in Lake Tahoe by
    4-5pm. Stay in motel for the night*.
    Fri. 6/20: Day One of Rubicon. Camp near halfway point on trail.
    Sat. 6/21: Day Two of Rubicon. Finish at dusk. Sleep in motel*.
    Sun 6/22: Return home.

    So far we have 3 vehicles going. Will you be next? Mark your calendars
    and join Jeep or Die for the ultimate adventure of the year!

    Please RSVP if you want to travel with the group up to Lake Tahoe. If
    there are any questions, please call Pace at (909) 260-6112. Hope to
    see ya there!

    *Note: John has a list of campsites in the area if you'd rather camp.
    However, after running the trail for two full intense days of driving,
    you're pretty worn out and may appreciate a hot shower and clean bed.

    p.s. John and I are interested in making reservations soon for the
    hotel. If you are interested in staying in a hotel for Thursday and
    Saturday nights please contact John or Pace immediately so we can make
    the reservations.
    86 AMC Cherokee

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    ooo! the rubi! lemme check my schedule. keep us posted.
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      hey Rob...I think most of us are going to run the Rubi with the group from JF...a month after you...

      Why dont you join us...?

      See the calendar of events
      2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
      Rock-ItMan all the way around


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        Rubicon run in July- the 18th.
        1997 Jeep Wrangler


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          the rubicon run has been categorized as an EVENT, and you can find it in the events section! check it out -

          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: