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Rubicon Trail over Independence Day 2005


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  • Rubicon Trail over Independence Day 2005

    Rubicon Trail was beautiful but about the toughest It's been in about 25 years this time around. Lots of snow was still up on the trail (3 feet deep in spots) and many ruts, washouts etc. By the time the MJR group goes, there will be no snow and the flooding should have subsided to reasonable levels. Standing water on the trail was 4+ ft deep in several areas and caused many problems for vehicles. Most vehicles had to bypass water areas in the springs and McKinney Rubicon side near Tahoe on alternate routes. Lots of Mosquitos so bring 100% DEET cause cutter and off won't do anything. These buggers will bite right through your shirt if given just a moments chance. I suggest taking lots of oral B12 a week before and durring the trip as mosquitos don't like it. Warm weather in the high 50's to 60 at night & in the mid to upper 80's days. No rain this year as opposed to last year when it rained/snowed/hailed/etc at least once or twice daily. There are a few pics up in my gallery of the trip this year and more will follow.... Bring your winch, tree protector, snatch block, Hi-Lift jack & tow strap as you're gonna' need it.
    Have Fun,
    Rick OllllllO
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    Rick W6RE

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    Thanks Rick, great info.

    I was wondering about the mosquitos. 100% Deet, huh? And I hadn't heard of B12 before, so will get some and try it. The bugs can be a drag. Guess we'll definitely be sleeping in a tent!

    Any bear reports? Does everybody string up food and trash?

    The post on Pirate for the holiday had a count of about 350. Did you see a lot of rigs up there? Man, what are they going to do for Jamboree? Hundreds of rigs going thru? Yikes.


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      mosquitos, running water, little sluice full.Sounds like afun time.
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